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❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 3M ago

Kerastase Specifique

Kerastase Specifique StimulisteNutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hairloss Spray125ml    $82Kerastase Specifique Aminexil Force RIntensive Anti-Hair Loss Treatment    42 x 0.20 fl.oz.   $390worth ...
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 1W ago

V10 Plus LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment

V10 Plus LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment worth $128I went to collect these products for myself and for my family with our 5 original pink ICs  and was really offended by the staff there....
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 1W ago

Brand's MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom

Brand's MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom8 bottles x 65mlExpiry date is so near, 25 June 2017
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 1d ago


NeutrogenaUltra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++ 15mlHydro Boost Water Gel 5gWe got them from Neutrogena Singapore
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 6M ago

SG Organic

Recently my brother-in-law won a mystery gift in the Santa Barry Surprise Giveaway for my mother, it was purposed to be delivered in the morning of 23 December 2016, but they request for del...
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 1W ago

Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa

Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa  375gStickersWon a bottle of Nutella previously and it was delivered to my house, but this time they made the winners to self collect.It is just a $5 small bottle ...
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 8M ago

Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa

Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa  375gSpatula
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 9M ago

Lunch Box & Shopping Bag

I won a lunch box & reusable shopping bag. This is such a cheapskate win & she made me so angry. Lunch Box Shopping BagThis is the email I r
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 10M ago

Beautti Slim

 2 complimentary sessions of 2.5 hours Spa Indulgence Treatment  
❤ Sleepy Lah ❤ · 9M ago

Golden Village Movie Money

Golden Village Movie MoneyFrom Bambini Photography