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掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 10M ago

Oxen Rider Sumie Wallscroll

This scroll is for sale. It is painted by artist Mariusz Szmerdt of Poland.It is about 3.5 feet long by 1.2 feet wide.For price inquiries please contact to
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 11M ago

Artist Prints in Scroll

An artist from back East had an exhibition and had me make a scroll for her prints. It is two prints in one scroll, with the prints being an Alice in Wonderland theme, mixed with Japanese Ka...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Bonsai Display Scroll Spring Poem

This is a Japanese poem that reads 梅華新発, which could be read Baika Ochita ni Hiraku. The essence of the meaning of the poem is the Plum and grasses that become, makes old things become renew...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Ichinen Sanzen Scroll

This scroll is for sale at $150.00 (Shipping Included). To purchase this scroll contact to It is a phrase in Japanese Buddhism which is described in the f...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Tansaku Kake Scroll

The tansaku is a size of paper. This is to hang shikishi that are in the tansaku size. It is a very narrow scroll. It is made of two shouken cloths. The chuumawashi is a cocoa with a diamond...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Small Tansaku sized Wallscroll

This was a refurbished scroll for a customer from the GSBF in 2015. It is a Yamato style looking painting with a poem, river and cherry blossoms.It is mounted in the three step (Sandan Hyoug...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Here is a scroll I made for Chinese calligrapher Richard Man. Getting older, I do not like to make these large scrolls, but that seems to be what people want.It is simply done with a grey cl...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Hummingbird Scroll

This is a scroll of a hummingbird painted by Ronald Reekers. I met Reekers さん at the Golden State Bonsai Convention this fall in 2015. The scroll is in a Nidan Hyougu style with a border of ...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Aikido Kakejiku

This is an order for a custom Aikido Kakejiku for a dojo on the East Coast. It was made with a rose/wine colored cloth in the Maru Hyougu style. It is paired with a gold on gold ichimonji an...
掛け軸 Wallscrolls · 1Y ago

Sanso Collection Okada Hanko

I have been really blessed to work on limited reproductions of several scrolls in the Sanso Collection. I do not have rights to the photos so can not post the finished scrolls. One paintin...