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150 Kansas Poems · 6d ago

Eve — By Mary Silwance

I   That on the eve of her birthday she requests for her eyebrows to be done explaining other girls do it, have been doing it   so my mother   with a French-tipped nail slowly trails my daug...
150 Kansas Poems · 1W ago

The Trouble in the Way We Constellate — By Charles Peek

After Twyla Hansen Some eyes see them better than others, even with the help of a sky-searcher app downloaded to your phone, even lying out in the backyard at night by your dad as he points ...
150 Kansas Poems · 2W ago

La Loba’s Song* — By Lindsey Martin-Bowen

(TO MAKE SKELETONS RISE) . . . I heard a noise: it was the rattling as the bones came together, bone joining bone. . . .I prophesied as He told me, and they came alive and stood upright. Eze...
150 Kansas Poems · 3W ago

Grain Elevator Gray — By Roy Beckemeyer

The elevator towers at the edge of town: grain-dust covers all when hard winter-red is cut.   The combines chew lanes, the trucks have no wings yet fly over gravel. This year’s wheat was che...
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

13 Degrees — By Kevin Rabas

When it gets cold, and instead of riding a Ferris wheel in the snow, flakes like white holiday lights, you must walk to work, to school, your hat on, hood up, your gloves ragged, take heart,...
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

Eliminate — By Ronda Miller

Use it to describe refined sugar, coffee, or animal protein I removed from my diet. It works for exercise, although I didn’t have it to eliminate anyway. Use it to discuss a policy that won’...
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

Cute Pictures of Dogs . by Lena Marvin

he hopes for a world protected on all sides with bans and walls by what I would call fascism but what he calls logic
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

As if . by Kathleen Cain

Some mornings I wake as if I belong to no one:
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

A Blank Sheet of Paper: A Poem in Free Verse for Free Women . by Diane Wahto

Lawmakers . . . invoke a fantasy god of their own devising as justification
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

Word of the Day . by Sarah Chenoweth

Stop waiting. The fight did not end in 1789, 1865, or 1964.