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150 Kansas Poems · 4d ago

You Will Come Up Short — by Izzy Wasserstein

Almost every time. You will run for 24 hours, run until your calves burn and your feet are a ruin of blisters, and reach your destination fifteen seconds late. The sandbags you stack through...
150 Kansas Poems · 1W ago

The Farm is Foreclosing — by Tara Bartley

Implicit seeds are cultivated From fear so profitable for its ease to make, Of the well-meaning to self-serving, Off power milked from icons of deviance, To be mutilated and manufactured As ...
150 Kansas Poems · 2W ago

I Stand – by Ronda Miller

I turn on the water faucet. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how blessed I am to have running water, clean water, water to drink, to cook with, to wash myself and my clothing, to f...
150 Kansas Poems · 3W ago

Birthday Butter – by Will Hagman

art was disgusting to her when it wasted materials that could be used elsewhere to help the poor or feed the hungry or when it lost all practicality and only took up space needed for somethi...
150 Kansas Poems · 3W ago

— by Dennis Etzel Jr.

we can look through the holiday photos to remember how exaggerated we made our smiles how the words in carols about peace and love are easy to remember sing on cue by the teacher or there’s ...
150 Kansas Poems · 4W ago

But Not Guns – by Kevin Rabas

When it gets real cold, Asad from Azerbaijan comes to school in a new green and black camo ski mask, and secretary Kay tells him: not a good idea, wearing that the day after the shooting, cl...
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

Contrition – by Amy Nixon

I wake up every day in my skin it is white and thin The hot spray in my white tile shower keeps me clean I smell like cinnamon soap and baby powder I am pure vanilla in a sturdy white bra so...
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

Morning News – by Maril Crabtree

Ten times ten thousand terrible things
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

On Being Asked for a Political Poem – by Christopher Todd Anderson

I never know where I stand with my poems full of raptors and wine, empty fields, black morning coffee, and barn cats gagging up something killed for hunger.
150 Kansas Poems · 1M ago

The Apocalypse Will Not Be Televised – by Christopher Todd Anderson

We in the mined lands know something about collapse.