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Jodi Hoeksel

Reads about: technology, inspiration, life, poetry, writing

Cailin Towey Gallagh...

Reads about: writing, life, humor, books, politics

Aqsa Shad Hello! I'm a Anas Shad from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm a student studying engineering. I am a blogger as...

Reads about: travel, poetry, music, bizarre, humor

Johnnie Phillips

Reads about: poetry, writing, art, literature, fiction

Blake Ford Hall

Reads about: occult, life, 2012, writing, humor

Abe Ocfemia avid reader, (e)book collector and a male blogger

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, book reviews, reading

Geza Nagy

Reads about: humor, life, technology, s777s, reviews

Julia Hanna

Reads about: writing, blogging, technology, news, startups

Nancy R Hinchliff

Reads about: writing, travel, books, politics, book reviews

Rajinder Soni

Reads about: technology, life, politics, humor, news

Tony Mcgregor I am a 67-year-old retired person who is still active. I am a life coach, adult educator and writer....

Reads about: writing, music, humor, politics, technology

Marie Jimenez-Beaumo...

Reads about: spirituality, art, poetry, music, inspiration

Mark Bruno

Reads about: alcoholism, recovery, addiction, health, lifestyle

Gin Cquilt A passion for Crazy quilts, embroidery and hats, next to what's going on in our world.

Reads about: crafts, sewing, art, technology, business

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