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AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1d ago

Support the Arts

This morning my wife and I are heading out to a pancake breakfast, otherwise known as the annual carb-fest. We’re doing it to support the arts. You see our son is working with a community th...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 2d ago

Getting Ready

It’s been a busy week as you can probably tell from the silence on this end. Sorry about that. I will catch us up. On Monday I will be leaving for a ten day ministry trip. I’ll be ministerin...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1w ago

Happy Father’s Day!

My message for Father’s Day 2017. I pray it blesses you.
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1W ago

Paint Parties As Fellowship and Outreach

I was out of work, my day job had gone away and I was trying to figure out where I was headed and looking for some work along the way when i saw a listing looking for something called a “Mas...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1W ago

Be Prepared

Another way to beat creative block and make the most of your creative opportunities. So you have limited time to be creative? But now one of those golden moments comes upon you. What are you...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1W ago

Taking a Break…

Well I’ve been on vacation for the last few days and it has been very nice. I write this sitting by a small lake in Fenwick Island, Delaware. In a few hours, we’ll be headed out to the beach...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1W ago

The Daily Creative

Another page from my upcoming book. I would love see what you do with this writing challenge. Share your results in the comments.
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1W ago

You’re An Artist… So Make Art!

This is really a two fold issue. The first part is for those of us who want to read that title and deny it. “I’m not an artist!” you might say. Can I tell you, you’re wrong? When you were a ...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 1W ago

Find/Make Time

Another way to overcome creative block. One of the things I hear creatives say all the time is they just don’t have time to create. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now I will conced...
AMOKArts Creative Arts Ministry · 2W ago

The Daily Creative

Here’s a creative challenge from my upcoming book, The Daily Creative: Enjoy, and I’d love to see what you created. Share a link in the comments.