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Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 4d ago

Six Safest Cities in Central Texas

Six Central Texas cities were named to the list of the safest cities in Texas, Community Impact reports.The National Council for Home Safety and Security examined crime statistics from the ...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 3W ago

How Many Hours Do Austinites Need to Work to Pay Rent?

How many hours do you have to work to pay rent in Austin and other Texas cities? Austin Culturemap reports on findings by SmartAsset.The numbers were reached by examining the annual take ho...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 1M ago

Austin Named #6 City Millennials are Moving to By Brookings Institution

Austin has made yet another top 10 list. This time it’s the top 10 cities Millennials are moving to in the United States. Business Insider reports on findings by the Brookings Institution.Au...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 1M ago

Austin's Graffiti Park Moving

Austin’s Graffiti Park is moving from its current digs, a bunch of abandoned foundations that were laid for condos in the 80’s before the market went belly-up, to Carson Creek Ranch, the Aus...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 2M ago

Rental Trends in Austin and Beyond

Austin isn’t the most expensive place to rent in Texas, Culturemap Austin reports. That honor actually goes to Dallas, where the median rent last year for a one bedroom apartment was $1,190....
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 2M ago

Austin Named the 6th Hottest Housing Market in the US by Zillow

Austin has been named one of the ten hottest housing markets in the country, Culturemap Austin reports.Zillow ranked US cities on metrics including home value and rent forecasts, income and ...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 2M ago

Texas #1 Moving Destination in the US

Texas is the number one moving destination in the US, according to a report from U-Haul, the Austin Business Journal reports.Arrivals of U-Haul trucks in Texas we up 1 percent over the previ...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 3M ago

Austin Named 7th Best Housing Market for Millennials

Austin made Trulia’s list of best housing markets for millennials, Business Insider reports.Austin grabbed the 7th spot on their list of biggest markets poised for growth.  Trulia looked at ...
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 5M ago

Two Austin Neighborhoods Named Hottest Neighborhoods in the US

Two Austin neighborhoods made a list of the 25 hottest neighborhoods in the country, the Austin American Statesman
Austin Apartment Specialists Blog · 5M ago

Austin's Economy Second Best in the Country

A recent survey found that Austin has the 2nd best economy in the United States, only beat out by Provo, Utah, the Austin Business Journal