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The Catholic Breadbox · 6h ago

QUOTATION: Today's Skepticism

The general rule is that nothing must be accepted on any ancient or admitted authority, but everything must be accepted on any new or nameless authority, or accepted even more eagerly on no ...
The Catholic Breadbox · 6h ago

QUOTATION: God's Mercy is Our Salvation

Even if we have thousands of acts of great virtue to our credit, our confidence in being heard must be based on God's mercy and His love for men. Even if we stand at the very summit of virtu...
The Catholic Breadbox · 6h ago


Nor must it be thought that the things contained in Encyclical Letters do not of themselves require assent on the plea that in them the Pontiffs do not exercise the supreme power of their Ma...
The Catholic Breadbox · 3d ago

QUOTATION: Faith and Our Weaknesses

Faith, if it be true and lively, both precludes transgressions and gradually triumphs over infirmities; and while infirmities continue, it regards them with so perfect an hatred, as avails f...
The Catholic Breadbox · 4d ago

QUOTATION: Children Have the Right to Exist

From the first moments of their lives, many children are rejected, abandoned, and robbed of their childhood and future. There are those who dare to say, as if to justify themselves, that it ...
The Catholic Breadbox · 5d ago

QUOTATION: Worldly Approval

Do you know the first temptation the devil presents to someone who has begun to serve God better? It is human respect.--St. Jean Vianney
The Catholic Breadbox · 6d ago

QUOTATION: The Right to Life

Every human being, even a child in the mother's womb has a right to life directly from God and not from the parents or from any society or authority.  Hence there is no man, no human authori...
The Catholic Breadbox · 1w ago

QUOTATION: Conscience

It is strange that some theologians have difficulty accepting the precise and limited doctrine of papal infallibility, but see no problem in granting de facto infallibility to everyone who h...
The Catholic Breadbox · 1w ago

QUOTATION: Desolation

There is nothing which occasions so diligent a search for God as does desolation; neither is there anything that attracts God to the heart so much as desolation, since the acts of conformity...
The Catholic Breadbox · 1w ago

QUOTATION: Scientism

Scientism seems to me to suffer from two fatal flaws. One is logical self-contradiction. For scientism is not a scientific claim about the universe but a philosophical claim, a claim in epis...