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Dark Lord Dungeon · 5d ago

Marvel Legends Colossus - Warlock Wave

"Get up and I shall knock you down once more." The Marvel Legend Colossus - Warlock Wave  - is a wonderfully sculpted modern rendition of the X-Men's strongman. We're big fans of the Might...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 1M ago

Heroes Assemble Iron Man Hulkbuster LEGO KO

The Heroes Assemble knock-off (KO) version of LEGO's Iron Man Hulkbuster playset is quite a pleasant rip-off: stury, playable and, save for the missing LEGO marks, practically indiscernible ...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 1M ago

Thor Ragnarok Trailer

MARVEL JUST RELEASED A BOMB!!!! Hela triumphant in Asgard Mjolnir destroyed Thor collected by the Collector The full pantheon of Asgardian gods including the Executioner and Valkyries The ...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 1M ago

Perfect Effect PC-15 Optimus Prime Upgrade

I can see you The TF Perfect Effect PC-15 LG-35 Ginrai Power-master (Head-master) Optimus Prime Upgrade Kit is a must have, and a fine teaser for what is to come.  We are such big fans of ...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 1M ago

Star Wars Black Series Chirrut Imwe Action Figure Review

I am one with the Force. And the Force is with me.  The Chirrut Imwe 6" Action Figure from the Star Wars Black Series toyline is one of the best articulated and detailed figures to come fro...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 2M ago

Justice League "Come Together" trailer.

The new Justice League Trailer is out and it is awesome: Really digging Aquaman's attitude. Make no mistake, this is not the guy the Justice League leaves behind because they aren't going ...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 2M ago

Iron Fist and the sorting of M&Ms

This is just wrong in soooo many ways: via GIPHY
Dark Lord Dungeon · 2M ago

Summer is here

Just got a quick reminder thanks to Jessica: Maid of Might Cosplay, that Summer is officially here in the Philippines: A post shared by ✨💖Jessica: Maid Of Might 💖✨ (@maidofmight) on...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 2M ago

Mafex BVS Wonder Woman Action Figure

The only member of the DC Trinity who actually stood toe-to-toe with the Cave Troll Welcome to a review of the Mafex BVS Wonder Woman Action Figure from Medicom. Would you believe that thi...
Dark Lord Dungeon · 2M ago

Transformers: The Last Knight - Kids' Choice Awards Clip - Parmount Pictures