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* LLL & Co. * Farverig blog om stort/småt fra bypigens hverdag på landet -

Danish - Hobby, Farver, Hverdag
* LLL & Co. * · 1d ago

Pink lemonade ...

Pink elderflower lemonade 50-60 x pink elderflower umbels  2 kilos of sugar 4 table spoons citric acid 5 lemons 2 liters of boiling water. Mix 'n stir in a big bowl, 
* LLL & Co. * · 1M ago

Crocheted lace (free pattern)

HÆKLET BLONDE © Copyright LLL&Co. Garn: Bomuld 8/4 Hæklenål: 3,5 Forkortelser m = maske lm = luftmaske km = kædemaske fm = fastmaske stgm = stangmaske rk = række lm-bue = luftmaskebu...
* LLL & Co. * · 1M ago

In the mags ...

Last week one of the weekly, Danish magazines – Hjemmet – showed the cover of my book "PAPIR" (paper). I only got to know this, because the mag wrote to me for a picture file. If yo...
* LLL & Co. * · 1M ago

Poppy Love

When a plant chooses it's own place to live and grow ... it pays off BIG time! I just love this poppy and it's amazing colors! The pictures are captured by my iPhone5s,and I ...
* LLL & Co. * · 1M ago

Quote of the day ...

Do you know what I mean? *SMILES* Lisbet
* LLL & Co. * · 1M ago

Meet me on Ravelry

On my Ravelry-page I share crochet patterns free and for sale. I've had this account on Ravelry for almost 6 years, but I haven't really spent much time on the website – untill no...
* LLL & Co. * · 2M ago

Free delivery Worldwide

Eng.:  When ordering my book PAPIR – Klip • Fold • Sy directly from it will be shipped to your address without extra costs - all over the World. Enclosed* you'll also receive ...
* LLL & Co. * · 2M ago

Origami boat of vintage paper

How to fold: You can find tutorials on like this one. The paper I have used are pages from a vintage, botanical book found in a charity store.
* LLL & Co. * · 2M ago

Hæklet påskeæg [Gratis opskrift]

[ Hækleopskrift her ]   
* LLL & Co. * · 5M ago

Perleværksted i vinterferien

PERLEPLADER Borup Bibliotek Onsdag den 22. februar, 2017 Kl. 11:00-14:00 (Kom og gå, som du har lyst). Gratis Perleværkstedet er for børn (min. 6 år). Tilmelding er ik...