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The Lewis Crusade · 1d ago

10 Lies About Homeschooling You Need to Ignore

Source: 10 Lies About Homeschooling You Need to Ignore
The Lewis Crusade · 1M ago

_Riverdale_ Challenges Obama’s Rhetoric

I haven’t been blogging much lately, both because of doing more micro-blogging on Facebook and saving my “big writing energies” to focus on my many ongoing major projects. However, one of my...
The Lewis Crusade · 3M ago

“I thank God…”

When we tried brick-and-mortar school, one of the things that frustrated me, especially with Catholic school, was the competitiveness of it all. We teach humility and self-mortification. We ...
The Lewis Crusade · 4M ago

“Humankind cannot bear very much reality” Frank Redman’s ELIJAH

_Elijah_ is a book with a message that needs to be read. With surprising twists of suspense, humor, and insight, Elijah takes you into levels of evil that many of us would rather not know at...
The Lewis Crusade · 5M ago

So, you don’ t like your priest?

Is it because he refused to visit sick people, saying, “Come to me when you’re healthy?” Is it because he said that “working weekends” entitled him to play golf Monday through Friday? Is it ...
The Lewis Crusade · 5M ago

“God wants me to forgive THEM?!”

To see people holding on to grudges breaks my heart. Be angry but do not sin;u do not let the sun set on your anger,*27and do not leave room for the devil.v28The thief must no longer steal, ...
The Lewis Crusade · 5M ago

On “Belief” and “Believing”

“It’s that time of year . . . ” If you tell me you’re going to go win a marathon, and I say, “I believe in you,” what am I saying? Am I saying, “Yes, I do believe you’re real. … Continue rea...
The Lewis Crusade · 5M ago

“Doesn’t She Look Tired”: Evita, Doctor Who and the power of Words

On the new Doctor Who, there was a character called “Harriet Jones,” known for her running joke, introducing herself as “Harriet Jones, Minister of Parliament,” etc., which is usually answer...
The Lewis Crusade · 5M ago

A Feminist Weights in on The Annual “Mary Did You Know” Debate.

I’ve previously blogged about this atrocious “Christmas” song, film critic and recently ordained deacon Steven D. Greydanus wrote a far more eloquent line-by-line response.  However, a new f...
The Lewis Crusade · 5M ago

Revisiting Akita

Unity Publishing is probably the best site I’ve found over the years on apparitions, prophecies, etc., analyzing their content in the light of Scripture and Tradition, and emphasizing those ...