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The Lewis Crusade · 4d ago

Why Politics Polarize: Mercy and Faithfulness have Parted Company; Justice and Peace have Divorced

I often note how while my underlying political philosophy is traditionalist/conservative, my positions are often more moderate in practice (since US “conservatism,” has rarely been tradition...
The Lewis Crusade · 1W ago

The Doctor, The Dialogue, and Dean Koontz

My wife, Mary, muses over the higher meaning of Dean Koontz's latest Jane Hawk series. Continue reading →
The Lewis Crusade · 4W ago

Can we talk about *Facts* and guns?

Until the last 48 hours, I considered myself a “moderate” on gun control.  I believe in “turning the other cheek,” etc., though realize sometimes physical self defense is necessary. Let’s se...
The Lewis Crusade · 1M ago

“Blame the drugs.” “Blame the parents.” “Lock up everyone with mental illness.”

Madman commits an act of violence. People blame a) “mental illness” (or the specific “condition”); b) “psychotropic drugs”; c) “the parents”; etc. Let’s look at the real process: 1) Mental h...
The Lewis Crusade · 1M ago

“Why did he do it?”

A young woman goes to college.  She comes from a decent home and family that has its issues like any family.  She maybe has a genetic propensity for autism or bipolar or something that wasn’...
The Lewis Crusade · 1M ago

“Hey! I know her!”

The Aiken Community Playhouse Youth Wing is putting on Kate Hamill‘s award winning, 2016, off-Broadway adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.  From their website, the showings ar...
The Lewis Crusade · 1M ago

“Will you be traveling with your disability?”

Originally posted on FaithfromtheChair: I may not start packing until the night before, but, mentally, I am laying out what will go into the suitcase weeks before a trip. Its a hassle to hav...
The Lewis Crusade · 1M ago

NetGalley Reviewers!

John and I are blessed to be part of NetGalley as a means to expanding our reading and sharing our thoughts on newly published books, from Catholic apologetics and inspiration to Christian f...
The Lewis Crusade · 3M ago

To the individual who used my information to open a Belk Account

Since you tried to steal my identity, I’m here to reclaim it.  My name is John Hathaway. You obviously know my address as well as SSN because the card was sent to my home.  If you want my id...
The Lewis Crusade · 3M ago


Many read Dean Koontz for his horror and suspense. I read him because he makes me laugh, brings me hope in our very fallen world, and his plot twists and character development serve as an am...