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A Cook on the Fly · 9M ago

Fish Cakes on Friday!!

It's Lent here in my household and we are not fond of fishsticks from the grocery freezer, SO, I have to get creative and sometimes we do meatless/fishless meals, sometimes we do a soup and ...
A Cook on the Fly · 9M ago

Everything You Need to Know About MICROFIBER CLOTHS!

A Cook on the Fly · 10M ago

January Bakealong Challenge

King Arthur Flour's January bakealong challenge was a fun one, Pizza Party Buns!   I am always a rule or direction changer, so instead of making them pizza themed, I made them for a Sunday F...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

Another birthday in our house

Our daughter, Sarah, is  turning 20 this week, so we are celebrating today with the family.  She requested a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing.....and she got it.  Lately, I ha...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

Pumpkin Bundt on the fly....really!

My husband had an invite for a "pig-pickin" as they call them here in the carolinas on the spir of the moment...or else, he failed to let me in on the invite and the promise of a dessert unt...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

The Pumpkin takeover 2016...and Lolek

Every year in the fall this amazing and sprawling plant brings forth it's fruit:  the pumpkin.  In recent years the retail world has commandeered this massive orange squash in a variety of...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

King Arthur Flour's October Bakealong

 Oh this one was a breeze!!  I haven't used my french loaf pans in ages, so what a sweet opportunity it was!These are the Everyday Whole-Grain bread that is the October bakealong challenge f...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

A Hubby surprise and Ginger Pickled Carrots.....YES!

The best part of being married to an open-minded eater, is being able to experiment with all kinds of recipes and getting his honest opinions along with watching him enjoy the fruits of your...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

King Arthur Flour's September BAKEALONG Challenge

Inside-Out Pumpkin MuffinsKing Arthur Flour's September Bakealong challenge was fun and I learned something in the process!The neatest thing about any recipe I find is learning something new...
A Cook on the Fly · 1Y ago

Boiled Cider: a new OLD pantry staple

The September King Arthur Flour's bakealong challenge has an ingredient that got my interest piqued.  I have never heard of boiled cider, absolutely love apple cider, but boiling it down to ...