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A Creative Life | Writer Mendy Knott's

English - Creativity, Poetry, Writing
A Creative Life · 1Y ago

Mountains of Memory and a Gunny Sack

Our recollections of what happened when, and how, may seem dim as dusky shadows that sink below the vague outlines of our memories. That’s partly because we view those memories as mountains,...
A Creative Life · 2Y ago

April Fools, It’s 30 in 30!

We are all April fools in one way or another. Even the Earth, solid as a mother, is wonky come April. She likes to play a trick or two. Rain and flowers one day, snow and ice the next. A dee...
A Creative Life · 2Y ago

Prince of Tides

Author Pat Conroy died last week, a sentence which is almost more than I can bear to repeat. He was a Southerner’s writer, beginning to end. A true Carolinian (although he was born in Atlant...