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A Little More Than Ordinary · 6M ago

I Want to Play Flute.. - 1100th Post..

This is my 1100th post.. I learned only after posting it.. and added this note of thanks for everyone of my well wishers around the world who encouraged me with their more than 12000 comment...
A Little More Than Ordinary · 9M ago

Merry Christmas - A wish with a cascade of haiku...

For Haiku My Heart..Merry Christmas to one and all!!Earth beginsto shed clouds of doubts;Christmas eveChristmas eve;I bathe in sunshine oftrust and joy***Christmas cleanses
A Little More Than Ordinary · 10M ago

Long Row of Old Trees

Haiku HorizonsRowA joyous walk throughtranquility for fresh dreams;long row of old treesRS:)
A Little More Than Ordinary · 10M ago

Trick of Mind..

TRICK whenever I feel sadI go to a joyous moment;happy trick of mindhappy trick of mind;tell you that's how I alwayspractice happinessRS:)
A Little More Than Ordinary · 11M ago

Quietness of the Noise...

For Haiku Horizons and Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..Birth of the light asdarkness just withers away;silence of the sound**Silence of the soundand quietness of the noise;sun chills in earth's wa...
A Little More Than Ordinary · 11M ago

Haiku for Haiku Horizon and Inspired Hindi Poem.. हिंदी में एक कविता

Haiku Horizons : CarryCarrying all her  dreamsthe paper boat sinks slowly;dreams become water.. RSसपने बने पानी आँखों से उसकीफूट रहा था इक झरना और उसने छोड़ दी थी उन लहरों में इक कश्तीउसके सप...
A Little More Than Ordinary · 12M ago

My Muddy Footprints..

Rebecca's Friday Haiku My Heart..My muddy footprints shine all over the white floor;a cleaner door mata cleaner door mat;I  look forward to gettinga spicy welcomeRS:)
A Little More Than Ordinary · 1Y ago

Broken Dreams..

Haiku Horizons - Mendshared with Haiku My HeartAny attempt tomend changes colour and shape;childhood's broken dreamsRS :)
A Little More Than Ordinary · 1Y ago

Haiku.. Court Me..

Haiku Horizons Prompt: CourtShared with Haiku My Heart."Court me likea princess", she commands;he wakes upRS:)
A Little More Than Ordinary · 1Y ago

and, I Start Singing

written for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..Diving down the skyshe says, "Hi, I'm a cuckoo..";and, I start singingRS:)