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A Slice of Mudpie Living the life of a single mama

A Slice of Mudpie · 3M ago

Moisturizing Hair Mask

Being a busy  mom means I typically don’t have time to go to a spa…so I like to bring a little bit of self-pampering into my home.  One thing I started doing is a moisturizing hair mask. I s...
A Slice of Mudpie · 3M ago

HJ’s Photoshoot: Turning 8

I am not sure how, but HJ turned 8.  Eight flippin’ years old.  Holy cow. We had the amazing Lynn from Grace Captured, take his pictures again.  She was fantastic!  
A Slice of Mudpie · 3M ago

Holiday Shopping Time! Holiday season is here!! My favorite holiday is just around the corner, and now is the PERFECT time for Shopbop’s big sale. They have the perfect items to stock your cl...
A Slice of Mudpie · 4M ago

Short Hair, Don’t Care!

You know what is stressful?  Having a web hosting service tell you that 5 years of blog posts, pictures and memories are gone.  AHHH.  Somehow, it was all figured out and I am back in action...
A Slice of Mudpie · 5M ago

All At Once

Months.  This has been in the work for months.  I knew little one would be moving to his adoptive home.  Every day, I expected the case worker to tell me “this is the week”.  But days went b...
A Slice of Mudpie · 5M ago

Fall Shopping Time

This past weekend, HJ and I pulled out all our fall decorations and “fall-ified” our house.  Personally, I am a summer girl, but I still love decorating for fall…because it reminds me I almo...
A Slice of Mudpie · 6M ago

Mom for This Moment

There’s this boy who has my heart.  He calls me his mommy.  While I might be his mom for this moment, I am not his forever mom. A few months ago I made a decision.  It was hard and heartbrea...
A Slice of Mudpie · 6M ago

Little One’s Room

Little one’s room was pretty easy to get together (no painting required).  It was already painted a tan color (like at our old house), and has pretty wood floors. This is actually my favorit...
A Slice of Mudpie · 6M ago

First day of School

HJ started 2nd grade today.  He is at a new school, and asked me to walk him to class.  On our way to school, he told me he probably won’t talk to anyone since he doesn’t know anyone.  Then,...
A Slice of Mudpie · 6M ago

Learning Life Lessons

Recently, my household was blessed with the opportunity to have a new little baby stay with us for a few days (more on that when I stop crying over it). When I first carried the babes into t...