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a spirit of simplicity · 5d ago

View the Starry Realm of Heaven

This was written by Norbert Capek while he was imprisoned at Dachau.He died there on 12 October, 1942.His name appears on a list of prisoners on an invalid transportto a castle in Austria wh...
a spirit of simplicity · 17h ago

Wednesday's full of Grace

I have begun the habit of lighting a small candle at mealtimes.Even when, as is sometimes the case because of my husband's work schedule,I am alone.The kitchen window is opena sweet smelling...
a spirit of simplicity · 4d ago

on this day

After church and a quick stop at the weekly farmer's marketI snacked on ginger cheese, fresh peaches, homemade gingersnaps and assam tea at the kitchen table.My neighbor dropped by to ask ab...
a spirit of simplicity · 4d ago

14 August

the goodI stopped at the Farmer's market on the way home from church Sunday morning.I picked up a winter squash and roasted itwith some zucchini, onion, and red pepper.I added all of that to...
a spirit of simplicity · 6d ago

Seeking Sabbath

 tYou make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.Psalm 65Spiritual SundaysSunday Scripture BlessingsScripture and a snapshotSunday thoughts
a spirit of simplicity · 1w ago

11 August

Saturday I went to a handtub muster with my daughter and grandson. Verne's daddy pumps for the tub that won!It's a great way to spend a day with family and friends.It was a bit rainy but whe...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

10 August

Verne and his MamaLast week I got to see Verne on Wednesday and on Saturday!It was wonderful!
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

Walking wild Wednesdays

My Grammy baked....toll house cookies (never chocolate chip)and Apricot squares...with a hard Aand for my father, mincemeat pie with hard sauce.I've decided I am going to be a grandmother wh...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

7 August

the randomI went to the handtub muster in Salem on Saturday.Verne's dad pumps for the town of Newbury and they won! There are things boys say to their grandmothers....the funVerne had the be...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

Be who you are

tI am humbled and quieted in your presence. Like a contented child that rests on its mother's lap.I'm your resting childand my soul is content in you.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Verne and HopiSo...I am Hop...