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a spirit of simplicity · 4d ago

17 February

 I posted this a few years ago on my facebook page.Lucky me...I live in a house by the sea and the window sills are littered with shells, and sea glass, and driftwood, and bits of twine........
a spirit of simplicity · 4d ago


a spirit of simplicity · 4d ago

16 February

Joe and I spent Saturday morning listening to some musicand hanging around the house....Oh and we have strict rules about Tucker being on the tables....~We've had a pretty lot of snow around...
a spirit of simplicity · 5d ago

15 February

F is for....familymine is fluid....I have children, step-children, children in laws, a grandchild ever changing, ever growingever loving
a spirit of simplicity · 6d ago

telling the bees

God is a fuzzy bumble-bee sitting in the still airon snapdragonsGod is the still airGod is the blue-green beachat the town commonwhere yellow and peach colouredsnapdragons nod on the breezeo...
a spirit of simplicity · 1w ago

13 February

The goodWe are finally getting some winter weather.Wednesday was extremely dangerous icy conditions. Thursday was a nor'easter with at least a foot of snow.Friday temps were frigid with very...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

Seeking Sabbath

Romans 15:7Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you,for the glory of God. ~I am finding it more and more difficult to reconcile myselfwith a people claiming to be Christiansw...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

10 February

I got a chance to go see Verne on Saturday.He's 17 pounds now and has just started eating some cereal!~Sunday was the Superbowl and wow!What a game!!~Tuesday I watched the parade from work.I...
a spirit of simplicity · 3W ago

25 January

C is for candle.....So raise the candles high cause if you Don't we could stay black against the night Oh raise them higher again and if you Do we could stay dry against the rain -MelanieIt ...
a spirit of simplicity · 4W ago

23 January

The funI love the look on his face!It's as if he's saying"I know, I keep getting cuter, don't I?"the randomMy mum fell on MLK day and broke her hip.She's been in hospital since then.Hopefull...