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a spirit of simplicity · 1d ago

16 March

We got a chance to bring Joey to his hockey game on Sunday morning.It's always fun to watch him play even though it's freezing cold!Tuesday we had another nor'easter come through...this one ...
a spirit of simplicity · 2d ago


We had another nor'easter on Tuesday....and Wednesday.Corned beef dinner boiled on the back of the stove while the snow raged against the windows outside.
a spirit of simplicity · 4d ago

a bowl full of oranges

This lovely bowl full of citrus reminds me that in some placesit is sunny and warm.Here the winds rage outside my windows.We are expecting 20 inches of snow, 65 mph wind gustsand another his...
a spirit of simplicity · 5d ago

11 March

I am reminded of Emerson whofrom time to time looked up in perfect silence at the starsand  I wonder..could I live in such a timenot wired   unchargeda dark and stormy night to transport met...
a spirit of simplicity · 5d ago

the rhythm of this day

Mondayis a quiet daya day for keeping our words closeand our ears, hearts, and minds open.Mondays are for cleaning in the bedroomwashing the linens, and dusting the old wooden bureausputting...
a spirit of simplicity · 5d ago

keeping Sabbath

tSo teach us to number our daysthat we may get wisdom.Psalm 90:12
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

9 March

This what my neighborhood looked like on Saturday...and Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday, and most of Wednesday. They had to bring in the big pumps from the state to finally clear it all out. ...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

8 March

The nor'easter and consecutive high tides flooded my streetsince Saturday. As of Thursday morning it is clear of water.The pumps have been turned off, the folks down the way candrive into th...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

7 March

Some of you may know that my sweet loving sisterhas stage 4 colon cancer in her bones.She is halfway through a grueling 4-6 month chemo treatment.It's absolutely devastating to her, to my 83...
a spirit of simplicity · 1W ago

6 March

twho is this then that even the wind and the sea obey him?Mark 4:40This is out of my kitchen window.Our house was narrowly spared from damage.(the good)We had 3 high tides that were higher t...