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a sun kissed life · 2W ago

Precious one

May the sound of the seagive you tranquility.May the sight of the blue topaz skyspark your desire to fly.May you bloom like a floweron the side of the mountainresilient and graceful.May your steps be lightand your touch gentle.May you be strong liket...
a sun kissed life · 3W ago


Hello worldhe seemed to saywith one eye openas he gazed at life.Seven poundsfifteen ouncesinfant warrior.Hello snow blizzard raging.Hello mother,father,grandmas,hello nurses,doctors.Hello wo...
a sun kissed life · 1M ago

Little One

What do you see in your dreamslittle one?sheep that you countwhite and dreamylike the bill...
a sun kissed life · 1M ago

Aiden Karl Ethan

My precious grandson was born February 8th. I am over the moon with love and gratitude.
a sun kissed life · 1M ago

Breaking the chain

Dad,I stand before you a man,inward a young boy,a spectator of our life.The man has no expectations,the boy remembers.You left me on the shore,like husks and shellsthat you stepped on. The b...
a sun kissed life · 1M ago

I am the immigrant-I am an American

Bury me in a pine boxbreathless yet breathing.I won't leave,I won't go.I rested my weary h...
a sun kissed life · 1M ago

Happy 31

   The years slip away,the days evaporate,the moments sustain us,love remains and thrives.    Happy Birthday to my boy! I love you always and forever <3 br="">  
a sun kissed life · 2M ago


Sixteenis the handsome boythat feels like anugly duckling.Sixteenis wise remarksthat make me laugheven though I restrain myself.Sixteen is dark humor mixed with silly undertones.It's tousled curls in his hairwhen it was always lank.Sixteen is a world...
a sun kissed life · 2M ago


My boy Daniel celebrated his sixteenth birthday yesterday. He is one of the greatest teachers in my life. I have been filled with wonder from the first moment that I saw him. I love him to the moon and back. This morning we are on the road and I have...
a sun kissed life · 3M ago

Let Sadness In

Let sadnesstransform you,trickle down fromyour head to your toes.Let it widen your chestand raise your heart.Let sadness dancein your veins,a slow dance,a deliberate dance.Open the window,let it sit for awhile.Let it soak in your bones,let it ravage ...