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a sun kissed life · 5d ago


Tomorrow April 24, 2017 is Holocaust Remembrance Day as well as Armenian Genocide Day. I would like to share here poems that I had written for both. I am a child of a holocaust survivor and ...
a sun kissed life · 2W ago


Hesitations,confrontations,conversations.Crumbs leftover from yesterdayfear induced.I am s...
a sun kissed life · 3W ago


Your sweetness awakens peace within me,an immense joythat roars like incomingwaves breaking on the shore.The tides rise and fallwith time,as I look into your eyes and our souls meet again.My words palpablepour on to the pageunassumingbrimming with en...
a sun kissed life · 1M ago

Precious one

May the sound of the seagive you tranquility.May the sight of the blue topaz skyspark your desire to fly.May you bloom like a floweron the side of the mountainresilient and graceful.May your steps be lightand your touch gentle.May you be strong liket...
a sun kissed life · 1M ago


Hello worldhe seemed to saywith one eye openas he gazed at life.Seven poundsfifteen ouncesinfant warrior.Hello snow blizzard raging.Hello mother,father,grandmas,hello nurses,doctors.Hello wo...
a sun kissed life · 2M ago

Little One

What do you see in your dreamslittle one?sheep that you countwhite and dreamylike the bill...
a sun kissed life · 2M ago

Aiden Karl Ethan

My precious grandson was born February 8th. I am over the moon with love and gratitude.
a sun kissed life · 2M ago

Breaking the chain

Dad,I stand before you a man,inward a young boy,a spectator of our life.The man has no expectations,the boy remembers.You left me on the shore,like husks and shellsthat you stepped on. The b...
a sun kissed life · 2M ago

I am the immigrant-I am an American

Bury me in a pine boxbreathless yet breathing.I won't leave,I won't go.I rested my weary h...
a sun kissed life · 3M ago

Happy 31

   The years slip away,the days evaporate,the moments sustain us,love remains and thrives.    Happy Birthday to my boy! I love you always and forever <3 br="">