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A Tidewater Gardener · 10M ago

Early Spring at Eyre Hall

This past week I crossed the bay to speak to a group of garden club ladies on the Eastern Shore. On the way back to Norfolk I decided to visit the gardens at Eyre Hall, especially since this...
A Tidewater Gardener · 10M ago


How leisurely the cherry blossoms bloom this year, unhurried, by their doom Kinu, 1817
A Tidewater Gardener · 10M ago

2017 Winter Walk-Off Wrap-Up

For this year's Winter Walk-Off I had 9 hardy souls brave raw cold winds, blinding snow, treacherous ice, and hungry wolves. In reality only one post had snow, though several were soggy and ...
A Tidewater Gardener · 11M ago

I Love Longwood, Again

In conjunction with attending last October's Perennial Plant Conference, two coworkers and I were able to visit Chanticleer, and Longwood Gardens - twice. On the night before the conference ...
A Tidewater Gardener · 11M ago

I Love Chanticleer, Again

Last October, I found myself falling in love with Chanticleer all over again. This was my fourth visit, and I am not going to say it was my favorite visit, because I would also say that abou...
A Tidewater Gardener · 12M ago

Winter Walk-Off 2017

Test 1-2-3, Test 1-2-3. Good, I am glad to see this thing's still working. It's been a while since I used it, but I couldn't let this time of year go by without celebrating my Winter Walk-Of...
A Tidewater Gardener · 1Y ago

Women's March on Norfolk

I spent most of yesterday on the couch, my eyes glazed over from the inauguration spectacle. It left me with a feeling of despair for this country and its future, especially after hearing th...
A Tidewater Gardener · 1Y ago

The Last Sunset of 2016

Earlier this week while laying awake in bed instead of sleeping, I started pondering my annual last sunset post. Thinking about 2016 I had trouble peering past a very gloomy pall cast over t...
A Tidewater Gardener · 1Y ago

My 10 Favorite Photos of 2016

Though I have not been very consistent with my blogging this year, I did not want to miss posting my 10 favorite photos from 2016, and this year I was actually able to whittle the number dow...
A Tidewater Gardener · 1Y ago

A Few Recent Photos

All of the following photos were taken last Friday morning near my parents' house on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. As we do most years, we were visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. I've p...