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A Lifetime of Service · 3M ago

International Service on the Path towards an Intentional Life

My goal has always been to live an intentional life, build a career that makes a difference through service
A Lifetime of Service · 4M ago

A New Pathway for Teacher Training

Today’s sponsored post is written by Urban Teachers. Urban Teachers is a clinically-based teacher training program that offers future teachers long-term coaching and mentoring as they earn a...
A Lifetime of Service · 4M ago

AmeriCorps Alums Names 2017 Eli Segal Leadership Award Winner

AmeriCorps Alums Eli Segal Leadership Award Winner Named   AmeriCorps Alums is pleased to announce the 2017 AmeriCorps Alums Eli Segal Leadership Award winner Elsa Vasquez-Flores of Alexandr...
A Lifetime of Service · 5M ago

Once You’ve Worn the A, You’re Always Ready to Answer the Call

Today’s alumni highlight comes from Illinois State University’s Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development, which offers a 100% graduate tuition waiver and stipend to thank Amer...
A Lifetime of Service · 6M ago

Stevenson Center’s ACED Fellows Program could be your Career Jumpstart

Today’s sponsored post is from Illinois State University’s Stevenson Center. The Applied Community and Economic Development (ACED) Fellows Program includes a 100% tuition waiver for all cour...
A Lifetime of Service · 7M ago

Education and Service Journey After AmeriCorps

this post is sponsored by International Education partner IPSL Gina Amico and David Urieta, are AmeriCorps Alums and currently completing a Masters of Science through the IPSL International ...
A Lifetime of Service · 8M ago

FEMA Corps to Harris School to Chicagoland Policy Lead

Shehara Waas served as an AmeriCorps member with the FEMA Corps program between 2013 and 2014, working as an Environmental Consultant for FEMA’s Office of Environmental and Historical Preser...
A Lifetime of Service · 9M ago

Complete Your Service Journey with a Full Circle Scholarship

Today’s sponsored blog is written by Northeastern University and features 2013-2015 City Year alumna, Millicent Sykes. Northeastern University Seattle campus offers a 25% tuition discount on...
A Lifetime of Service · 10M ago

Find The Grad School That Fits

Many schools match the Segal Education Award, offer special scholarships or waive the application fee for AmeriCorps alumni. You can find (and chat virtually with) the school that fits yours...
A Lifetime of Service · 10M ago

Cinco Reasons to Register Today

We’re hosting a virtual grad school fair pretty soon – on May 18th from 1-4pm EDT to be exact – and we’d love for you to attend. This exclusive fair is a chance for you to engage in 1-on-1 t...