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A matter of choice · 3M ago

Ayios Saranta, The Church in the Hill

Many years ago I saw some photos online of a small church built into the rock somewhere in Protaras, I'd often wondered exactly where it was and finding it has been on my 'to do' list for ag...
A matter of choice · 3M ago

The Magic of Artificial Boxwoods and Why Your Office Needs Them *Guest Post*

Guest Post by Hedgescapes.comAre you lo
A matter of choice · 3M ago

The one with the massive flashback

Facebook drives me mad a lot of the time, not mad enough to not live on it constantly of course (It's not that I *want* too, I HAVE to because of my work, well that and I'm far too nosy not ...
A matter of choice · 3M ago

Rocketship Education Aids The Development Of Both Parents And Students

The rise of charter schools in the U.S. has largely been a response to the continuing state of the public school system across much of the country as overworked educators struggle to work wi...
A matter of choice · 3M ago

Geocaching Day

It's been a long time since we went geocaching, maybe even a whole year but on Tuesday 2nd Jan I suddenly decided to download the app again and planned to go out with the boys the following ...
A matter of choice · 3M ago

Winter Walks

I love going for winter walks in Cyprus, it's something we have so rarely done yet when I do bother to get out its' great, especially now everyone can walk (well, Aaron not so much at the mo...
A matter of choice · 3M ago

Hello 2018

Hello 2018! How are we here already? I realise it just makes me sound very old but seriously, how can we have reached a year that once sounded so far into the distant future to me that I cou...
A matter of choice · 4M ago

End of an era

This month saw the end of an era, as my last article was published in Daxi Magazine. I've been writing for Daxi for almost 7 years now and after several months of debate reluctantly decided ...
A matter of choice · 4M ago

Loukas 5th Birthday

You know you're a bit behind on blogging when you post about your October birthday before finishing one about Louka's in August,  but as always it's better late than never!
A matter of choice · 6M ago

The Big 40 - the extended celebrations

You may have heard that I turned 40 last week,   I believe I might have mentioned it?I had a fantastic birthday day,  and a brilliant birthday party, but not being one to pass up an excuse t...