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A Mile A Minute · 2d ago

Moana Character Portrait

I've been taking portraits of my daughter in her favorite costumes.  Here, she is being Moana, and we took it this summer on the Isle of Palms.  Bless her heart, she got up to see the sun r...
A Mile A Minute · 1w ago

Milky Way, Reworked

I liked my Milky Way shot that I took up in the mountains in Wyoming, but I thought it could be better so I reworked it a bit.  
A Mile A Minute · 1W ago

Rear View Sunset

We drove across North Dakota and headed for Detroit Lakes in Minnesota.  We were a little behind schedule getting there, or we would have pulled over to take a photo of the incredible sunset...
A Mile A Minute · 2W ago

Greybull Sentinel

We drove north through Greybull before exiting Wyoming into Montana.  Greybull is a lovely town and I would have liked to have spent more time there.  There were cute motels and huge murals,...
A Mile A Minute · 2W ago

Bison Herd of Thermopolis

We witnessed the eclipse on Monday, and then left Tuesday morning.  We were about an hour and a half from Yellowstone, so we had to swing by for a drive through.  But when we got to Moran Ju...
A Mile A Minute · 2W ago

Golden Afternoon in the Meadow

The sunsets were my favorite time of day on our camping trip.  There were really no great colors in the clouds, but rather it was the golden light that flooded our meadow, touching every gra...
A Mile A Minute · 3W ago

Milky Way

There was no light pollution where we were camping, so I wanted to try photographing the Milky Way.  I always assumed you needed far more advanced equipment than what I have, but I was wrong...
A Mile A Minute · 3W ago


We were surprised to find wildflowers everywhere we looked.  We were above 10,000 feet so August is when the weather is just right for them to bloom.  This is lupine, backlit by the setting ...
A Mile A Minute · 3W ago

Our Beautiful Meadow

Our beautiful meadow, which we had all to ourselves during the eclipse.
A Mile A Minute · 4W ago

Moon Lake

Moon Lake was at the end of the road we had driven to find our camping spot.  Fishing was a bust, but it sure was pretty!