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A Mile A Minute · 1d ago

Shadyside At Night

I took this long exposure several years ago in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood, out of a car window if I can remember correctly.  I love how all the neon lights convey the energy of the ...
A Mile A Minute · 1W ago

Spring Flowers

A Mile A Minute · 1M ago

Sleeping Beauty

I've been thinking this Sleeping Beauty portrait over for a few months, and after five sessions, we finally got the shot I was looking for.  My daughter's favorite Disney character, for a lo...
A Mile A Minute · 2M ago

Squaw Valley Park in Snow

A Mile A Minute · 4M ago

Bodega Head - Pacific Coast

Ok, I'm finally done showing you Bodgea Head.  It's a place I truly can't get out of my head, nor would I want to.
A Mile A Minute · 4M ago

Bodega Head - Paths

The paths at Bodega Head are sandy, cut between many varieties of wildflowers and succulents. including ice plant, which has been a favorite of mine since I first saw them on the California ...
A Mile A Minute · 4M ago

Bodega Head - Hand-Holding

A Mile A Minute · 4M ago

Secluded Beach

From Bodega Head you can spot secluded little stretches of beach.  How you get there, I don't know, but surely some enterprising residents of the area enjoy them on warmer days.
A Mile A Minute · 5M ago

Bodega Head Hikers

A Mile A Minute · 5M ago

Foggy Cliffs