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a movable feast · 1d ago

maybe the universe is trying to tell me something

maybe i need to concentrate more, or give up weaving and knitting all together and enjoy my present life.i spent the last 30 years concentrated in my weaving and now the paradigm has changed...
a movable feast · 3d ago

the magic of smallness

back to the friday vid. just one qualm, hate when they call it tie dye.have a great weekendas for me opera tonight!neki desuneki desu at a movable feast view CC license http://creativecommo...
a movable feast · 5d ago


as simon bolivar said if you can't fight them join them and make them obey you.a k machine...
a movable feast · 1w ago

vintage linen

got this one in 1975 in finland therefore it qualifies as vintage. it was wetspun so it do...
a movable feast · 1W ago


exasperatingly slow,everything is. the new windows update, the linen mess on the loom-velm...
a movable feast · 4W ago

deja vù

the fraying was so overwhelming that the reed did not move back once it came forth. cut,re...
a movable feast · 1M ago


won't be just any night.have a good weekend!neki desuneki desu at a movable feast view CC license
a movable feast · 1M ago

to be woven

on the loom.this is white on white, not very blogable,but i am aiming at a brocade-like te...
a movable feast · 1M ago

infinite goop

lacing at last. but right there i stopped and paid attention. yup, it's a singles linen an...
a movable feast · 1M ago

getting back the hang of things

trying to get into some normality.the news from puerto rico are  not getting better and tr...