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A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 2W ago

Cape Aspro and a Queen Tribute band

We took a drive along the Cape Aspro coastline, the colours in the sea were absolutely stunning. We try to never forget how lucky we are to have this beautiful scenery on our doorstep.
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 3W ago

Guess what ? ..... Its still hot !

The high temperatures persist in Cyprus and it was announced that last weekend was the highest recorded temperatures in July for 30 years.To cool of we took the 10 minute drive down to Melan...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 3W ago

Robin flies into Cyprus to be met by High temperatures

Mandy's son, Robin, flew into Cyprus from Sweden and coming from the mild weather of  Stockholm to the blazing heat of Cyprus was a shock to the system because the  temperatures rose  today ...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 3W ago

Lee in the News, a sea breeze and a Proposed Casino

So June comes to a sticky end as the high temps and the humidity continue in Cyprus. Last night we went in search of a sea breeze and we drove over to Melanda beach. This was the perfect pla...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 4W ago

Burning Rubber in Pissouri

On a warm Summer's day, Mandy decided it was time to go her first ever bike ride. Firstly she got on Bryan's Lambretta scooter for a whiz around the village.Mandy then hopped on Arthur's Har...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 1M ago

Cari's first Month, a hot BBQ and a Unwanted guest appears

Our gorgeous little Cari is  now a Month old and her mum informs us that Cari has a wonderful nature and is such a happy baby.The Warm weather continues on the Island and we found this littl...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 1M ago

Paphos classic car and bike show- Lunch at Ampeli

On a very warm day we drove over to Paphos harbour to visit the Classic car and bike show. There were plenty of superb vehicles on display all in immaculate condition.
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 1M ago

Mandala Painting, Hillview quiz and Rumtoff

This week Mandy attended  the first mandala painting class at Platea Tavern, a number of ladies from the village turned up to try their hand at this craft and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoo...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 1M ago

The 80's Agenda and Cardiff Bay

On a beautiful Summer's evening we wandered down to the Pissouri amphitheatre for a night of 80's music. The night started with the girl trio "Soda Pop" who soon got the crowd  up on their f...
A new Life Planned in Cyprus · 1M ago

Local Apricots and Kim's house in Pachna

This week Mandy popped down to the Foutas family farm to buy a few kilos of their locally grown apricots, returning home, Mandy got busy making apricot cakes and chutney, both were delicio...