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A Painting Today The results of the life of a paintaholic
A Painting Today · 1d ago

"Girlie Magazine"

6 x 8"oil on panelI took a break from a larger painting and enjoyed a looser, more painterly scene in the Art Institute of Chicago.  Edouard Manet's Woman Reading is in the company of other ...
A Painting Today · 6d ago

"Quiet Please"

10 x 10"oil on panelWhen you think of the French artist Henri Rousseau, you envision paintings of imaginery jungle settings and various animals.  My new painting features his deviation from ...
A Painting Today · 2W ago

"Color My World"

8 x 10"oil on panelsold We are the fortunate ones here in the United States.  We can see Vincent van Gogh's iconic The Starry Night in person in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  W...
A Painting Today · 2W ago

Karen Hollingsworth Solo Show

A shout-out to my good friend, Karen Hollingsworth, who has an opening tonight at the Principle Gallery in Charleston SC.  Go by the gallery this month if you're in the neighborhood.Here's o...
A Painting Today · 3W ago

"Da Vinci Bestowed"

6 x 8"oil on panelsold Happy Easter.A good day to paint a woman viewing Savior of the World by Leonardo da Vinci.Da Vinci painted Salvator Mundi (Latin for Savior of the World) around 1500, ...
A Painting Today · 1M ago

"Matinee Idolizers"

9 x 12"oil on panelMy new painting features Edward Hopper's New York Movie which I last saw at the Art Institute of Chicago, on loan from the Museum of Modern Art in an exhibition titled Ame...
A Painting Today · 1M ago

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

12 x 12"oil on panelsold I once stepped into a gallery in the Smithsonian American Art Museum that had four or five or six, I can't remember how many, grandious landscapes by Albert Bierstad...
A Painting Today · 1M ago


6 x 8"oil on panelsold Now I know it's not nice to stare but I have this thing about fabrics.  Especially patterned, colorful fabrics.  I followed this woman around the galleries - enamored ...
A Painting Today · 2M ago

American Art Collector Magazine Article

I'm very proud of this article in the March issue of American Art Collector Magazine featuring my upcoming solo show Sargentology  at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston SC.  
A Painting Today · 2M ago


9 x 12"oil on panelsold Speaking of Presidential portraits.... my painting features John Singer Sargent's Theodore Roosevelt.In February 1903, at the invitation of the first family, Sargent ...