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A Puppet A Day · 2d ago

World Puppetry Day!

To say I love the art of puppetry is an understatement.  It is my life.  My passion.  And at times, an obsession.And not just the type of puppetry I do.  I love all kinds, and try my best to...
A Puppet A Day · 4d ago

The Risley Brothers are coming!

Let's get the spring started with "The Risley Brothers"!
A Puppet A Day · 5d ago

The Wooden Beaver's Beaver!

 The Beaver from The Wooden BeaverMouth Puppet from the series "The Risley Brothers" And here he is with the man who brings him to life; Rick Corbo!
A Puppet A Day · 1W ago

The Shadow Nation!

Last nite I was lucky enough to be the guest on the podcast "SHADOW NATION" and I had a blast.The hosts, Nathan and Shaun, are great guys and were a blast to chat with...In case you missed i...
A Puppet A Day · 1W ago

Tricky Rock

 Tricky RockMouth Puppet from "The Risley BrothersTricky is based on the puppeteers who performs him in the show - Pete Lucco!THE RISLEY BROTHERS IS SET TO PREMIERE 4/27 AT THE HARTFORD FLAV...
A Puppet A Day · 2W ago

Heather - Post Nose Job

HEATHERMouth Puppet from "The Risley BrothersThe picture above is of the newer "Heather".  She got a little facelift (and more) as the series goes on.  One of my favorite parts of revisiting...
A Puppet A Day · 3W ago


Found an old email with some pics in it from Tricky last nite...From the last nites of official shooting on the last episode of "Steve The Vampire"Wow!That was five years ago!
A Puppet A Day · 1M ago

Make New Friends Today!

Are you friends with Bad Monster?Johnnie Sojive?Well, if not, what are you waiting for?
A Puppet A Day · 1M ago


Ignore the look on my face...  I'm  a happy guy.Back from my little break from the world online...It was a good break and I'm fully ready to keep the art happening!A few weeks ago another gr...
A Puppet A Day · 2M ago

"Shut Up Already. Damn!"

I think I'm gonna take a little break for the world of social media, and the internet in general.   Time to re-charge the creative batteries and really get ready for one Hell of an awesome 2...