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A Touch of Heaven · 4W ago

Trusting Grace by Maggie Brendan - a book review and Blog Tour

Maggie Brendan always delivers a delightful story.  This one is no exception. It is encouraging, heartwarming and gentle.  If you are looking for a feel-good story to read that will leave y...
A Touch of Heaven · 2M ago

Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson - a book reiew

This novel is not what I’d call Christian fiction.  While it is certainly not “un-Christian”, I would prefer to call it ‘clean’ fiction.  Christianity is more of an undertone in this book, r...
A Touch of Heaven · 3M ago

A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White - a book review

This is one of those books that requires dedicated concentration to read.  The story line is very interesting but the list of numerous characters, each with three or four names or titles, g...
A Touch of Heaven · 4M ago

A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jagears - a book review

This is a full sized novel in the Teaville Moral Society series.  It is set in the early 20thcentury.  We first meet our heroine in the fall of 1905. Lydia King is a spunky young lady with ...
A Touch of Heaven · 6M ago

An Elegant Facade by Kristi Ann Hunter - a book review

A Touch of Heaven · 8M ago

A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton - a book review

This is the second book of the Path Finders series.  I’m glad I had already read the first one. I found it very helpful in understanding the relationships and background.  The author begins ...
A Touch of Heaven · 8M ago

From this Moment by Elizabeth Camden - a book review

A Touch of Heaven · 9M ago

The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White - a book review

This book is part of the Gulf Coast Chronicles series and includes many of the characters from the previous books.  It is set during the War of 1812.  Most of the time, when I think of the ...
A Touch of Heaven · 9M ago

Faith by Lyn Cote - a book review

A Touch of Heaven · 10M ago

Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell - a book review