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Aalayam Colors, Cuisines and Cultures Inspired!

English - Culture, Cooking, Design
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Home Tour: A journey into a Texas Home...with a Uttar Kannada Influence!!

I am happy to be back Aalayam!! It's been a long time and we have not featured a Home Tour in this space in forever! Deepa had a baby, board exams and a new career happening to her, and I just got sucked into the world of corporate America, business ...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Aalayam goes on a trip (to The East Coast Desi)!!

The East Coast Desi, the vibrant home decor blog around the block has featured "Deepa's ex...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Food Tales: The Mouthwatering Summer Reading List for your Kids!!

Hello Aalayam!!Summer’s on in full swing in our household. The hustle of the week day has ...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Coming soon on Aalayam!

Aalayam · 1Y ago

Reflections over a cup of chai

Hello and once again my sincere apologies for posting so sporadically. It is hard to belie...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Mother's Day Musings!

This Mother’s Day, the Aalayam authors got together to muse about the real  gripes and gushes of Motherhood, and to candidly chat about what Motherhood (round 2) looks like in our households!Cliché? Not at all. It is only fair that we take a moment t...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Expanding the Aalayam repertoire: Sights, Sounds and Smells of a Place Called Home!

It’s been nearly nine years since we packed our bags and flew over the Indian Ocean down to the southern hemisphere to sunny Australia, now our home (away from home!). Over the years, we’ve ...
Aalayam · 2Y ago

Brand new Aalayam author tells all about the charm of Traditional Games!

Absorbed in Aluli Guli Mane (Mancala World) game2016 seems to have started with a flourish...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

Aalayam is looking for Writers!!!

Aalayam is looking for writers!! One superpower both Deepa and I wish we had is the abilit...
Aalayam · 1Y ago

What's your Parenting Pet Peeve??