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Aardvarchaeology · 6d ago

Moving To WordPress.Com

Here’s the new URL:
Aardvarchaeology · 1w ago

Aard Is Moving

As I learned a few hours ago, and as a few other Sb bloggers have already announced, will shut down at the end of this month. I’m going to move Aard and continue my blogging...
Aardvarchaeology · 1W ago

Good Recent Swedish Popular History

I don’t read much in Swedish. On a whim I decided to check what recent Swedish books I’ve read and liked outside work. Turns out they’re all popular history. Alla rekommenderas varmt för den...
Aardvarchaeology · 1W ago

October Pieces Of My Mind #1

Medieval account books were so common in Germany and considered to be so worthless, that into the early 19th century they were used as fuel to heat certain archives. Got nominated to the mun...
Aardvarchaeology · 2W ago

September Pieces Of My Mind #3

Ben Aaronovitch = Benjamin Aaronson wrote The Rivers of London. I wonder if it’s a pen name for my grandpa’s grandpa Aaron Benjaminson, who was a farmer in Tanum. Two students are trying to ...
Aardvarchaeology · 2W ago

Jes Wienberg Shot Down My Habilitation

Habilitation, docentur, is a symbolic upgrade to your PhD found in Scandinavia and other countries with a strong element of German academic traditions. You can think of it as a boy-scout bad...
Aardvarchaeology · 3W ago

Three Fortunate Young Oslovians

Oslo colleagues have asked me to give a fuller account of the spring 2017 hiring that I called the most egregious case I’ve seen. This is not because they’re trying to make the University of...
Aardvarchaeology · 3W ago

Yeah, Screw You Too, Academia

I recently received a long-awaited verdict on an official complaint I had filed: there was in fact nothing formally wrong with the decision by the Dept of Historical Studies in Gothenburg to...
Aardvarchaeology · 1M ago

September Pieces Of My Mind #2

Planting a gingko and listening to early Black Sabbath. Sailboat owners around Älgö have a lot of trouble with their wind indicators. The local crows use them as merry-go-rounds, which messe...
Aardvarchaeology · 1M ago

A Female Viking Warrior Interred at Birka

In archaeology, we distinguish osteological sex from artefact gender. Osteo-sex is with very few exceptions (odd chromosomal setups) the same thing as what your genitals are like. Artefact g...