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ABC News · 1d ago

Patriots' owner Kraft criticizes friend Trump over his 'disappointing' NFL remarks

Trump has called Kraft called a very good friend.
ABC News · 25m ago

WATCH: History of social activism through sports

ABC News' Chris Connelly reports on the long history of athletes using sports to inspire social change.
ABC News · 1h ago

Trump seen by most in US as doing more to divide than unite country

Trump faces deep challenges on international and domestic issues.
ABC News · 6h ago

Second video shows man punching officer before shooting

A second video has emerged appearing to show a man throwing punches and scuffling with a California police officer before the man is shot dead outside of a store
ABC News · 2h ago

Eyes on nationalist right as Germans head to polls

Germany held its election Sunday, with the far right expected to gain seats.
ABC News · 23h ago

LeBron James bashes Trump for disinviting Steph Curry

Lebron James lashed out at President Trump in response to the president's saying that a White House invitation to basketball champion Steph Curry was "withdrawn."
ABC News · 4h ago

Merkel bids for fourth term as Germans head to the polls

Chancellor Angela Merkel is widely expected to be handed a fourth term in office as Germans go to the polls in an election also likely to give the farthest right-wing party in 60 years, the ...
ABC News · 12h ago

Oakland's Maxwell first MLB player to kneel during anthem

Maxwell's teammates stood in a line next to him.
ABC News · 8h ago

Trump warns North Korea 'won't be around much longer' if threats continue to escalate

The president continued to escalate threats against Kim Jong Un on Saturday.
ABC News · 8h ago

Tropical Storm Pilar forms off Mexico's Pacific coast

Tropical Storm Pilar has formed just off western Mexico and is expected to brush its Pacific coast near the resort of Puerto Vallarta