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Abounding Abundance · 9M ago

Still writing - find some of my most recent work at Des Moines Moms Blog!

Redshirting our KindergartnerGardening with your KidsKara's Birthday Wish List
Abounding Abundance · 1Y ago

Working outside the home is not a sin.

One of the best parts of my flexible working part-time from home schedule is my Tuesday morning Bible study. A large portion of my friendship circle includes women who are either stay-at-hom...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

Lucan update

Let me remind you (and myself for that matter) that this is not the Gracelyn show. Contrary to what this blog looks like, Lucan is still around. :)Like most people and jobs, we have our good...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

2015 Christmas Recap

Christmas was a little different for us this year. We split up our family celebrations to the weekend before Christmas with my side and the weekend after Christmas with Lance's side. You can...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

Gracie's Golden Birthday

There's nothing that I love more than a good celebration. Living life on a budget means that we don't do tons of extras throughout the year for our kids. Aside from special occasions, birthd...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

Gracelyn: 11 Month Update

I had a small "moment" the other day when I realized that Gracelyn will be a year old next month. She's still my tiny tot! How can she be a year old already!?Sleeping: Towards the end of Oct...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

Posts from Des Moines Moms Blog

Hi friends!I hope you are following me over at Des Moines Moms Blog and supporting me as the Sponsorship Coordinator. I have two posts over there this week that I'm very proud of - starting ...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

31 Things in October

31 Things I'm Grateful for in OctoberThis month, by far, has to have been the easiest months to list things I have been thankful for!1. The privilege and absolute delight of attending City M...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

Gracelyn: 10 Month Update

As Dr. Gina pointed out, I'm behind in my updates. So as a nod to accountability, here goes Gracie's 10 month update (note: Gracie was 10 months old as of Oct 1).10 months is a good age. Gra...
Abounding Abundance · 10M ago

Budget Changes & a Miss Money Bags Cash Wallet Review

Realistically, a budget is a flexible, ever-changing beast. Much like a toddler :) Now that I'm working from home and not in your typical 8-5 job, our budget has evolved too.If I'm being hon...