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Achilles In The Alleyway · 7h ago

Heart Of The City

Photograph by Lee Greenfeld © 2017
Achilles In The Alleyway · 5h ago

If Ever I See You Again

"When you leave New York you ain't going anywhere."Jimmy BreslinRest In Peace
Achilles In The Alleyway · 4d ago

Just Like A Ringing A Bell

Chuck BerryRest In Peace"Of all the early breakthrough rock'n'roll artists, none is more i...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 2W ago

Burning Down The House

American Pastoral is undoubtably one of the greatest American novels of all-time, and to s...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 2W ago

Into The Known

"We generally give to our ideas about the unknown the color of our notions about what we d...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 3W ago

45 Revolutions: Terry Callier

"I've seen a sparrow get high, and waste his time in the sky.He thinks it's easy to fly. He's just a little bit freer than I."Terry Callier's music is the first that I can recall me and my p...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 1M ago

Love Is the Thing

Rudolph "Rudy" Sheriff LawlessRest In Peace"The drums appealed because of the movement that happened when you played them. It was central to all of it. You could move your body as if you were dancing. You see the horns and the other instruments provi...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 1M ago

Why We Must Speak Loudly And Often

My father is a Holocaust survivor. He spent the first years of his life in a partisan camp outside of Minsk. One thing everyone that knows us knows is that my dad and I have always disagreed...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 1M ago

Empathy Complex

"I loathe the expression 'what makes him tick.' It is the American mind, looking for simpl...
Achilles In The Alleyway · 1M ago

After School Special

In the early '80s there was a ridiculous urban legend that if you collected enough Lee Jea...