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Acidemic, Journal of Film & Media Cleansing the doors of cinematic perception, for a better yesterday

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Nanzy Monz

Reads about: movies, entertainment, erotica, love, sexuality

Razzaq Hashmi

Reads about: movies, fashion, books, music, art

Sidheeq Si

Reads about: movies, fashion, film, entertainment, cinema

Adam Saunderson

Reads about: occult, magic, asatru, cinema, horror

Juliane Souto "Love is the subtlest force in the World."~Gandhi

Reads about: entertainment, news, health, movies, music

Luís Azevedo Singular person (ex-child), slightly knowledgeable about movies, books and humour, who lacks the abi...

Reads about: movies, cinema, books, writing, entertainment

Robert Monroe Jr.

Reads about: pop culture, education, cinema, science, hip hop fiction

Patricia Salazar

Reads about: art, movies, cinema, meditations, wisdom

Jennifer Katherine

Reads about: affiliate marketing, learn how to avoid scams, startups, technology, how to start your own business

Alan Harten OCD film fan who writes for a living when not watching movies

Reads about: movies, film, cinema, entertainment, horror

Koko Kiku

Reads about: movies, books, music, film, entertainment

Dunja O'Patic

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Dtg Reviews Just a guy, been working and playing hard all my life. For fun I go to the movies I like Horror, Sci...

Reads about: music, fashion, food, technology, entertainment

Michael Williams

Reads about: movies, insomnia, publishing, cinema, ivig

Kelly O'Hara

Reads about: movies, books, film, television, music

Ashley Denise Magee

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Ngayalina's Don some kind of man amaizng

Reads about: movies, love, life, books, entertainment

Ross O'Neill

Reads about: movies, books, film, entertainment, music

Dudey Cool Jaun

Reads about: startups, technology, humor, art, design

Thomas Foster

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Julian Evin My Name is Ye Tay Za Kyaw(IT name(Monstar))

Reads about: movies, entertainment, technology, music, sawsha

Paul Jellicoe

Reads about: movies, business, cinema, horror, news

Saumesh Thimbath

Reads about: movies, cinema, humor, writing, technology

Shah Shahid

Reads about: movies, bollywood, cinema, entertainment, television

Neil Innes editor at

Reads about: movies, books, music, film, horror

Georgi Beremov I'm an aspiring film critic, completely obsessed with cinema and entertainment in general. I basical...

Reads about: film, movie reviews, movies, cinema, books

Sophie Frost

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Aldin Lipu

Reads about: movies, technology, books, news, music

Si Si fashion, beauty, photography, lifestyle, health vedeos

Reads about: movies, film, entertainment, photography, photoblog

Erik Oberg

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Gabriela Gioia

Reads about: cine, movies, punk, politic, opinions

Philip Foley

Reads about: movies, film, independent film, animation, filmmaking

Khaled Shouman

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Jacob Carlos Lusk

Reads about: movies, film, entertainment, books, tv

Adeni Oluwaseyi

Reads about: movies, music, books, entertainment, pop culture

Julio Alex Tokumura

Reads about: movies, psychedelic, cinema

Vinayak Nagesh

Reads about: cinema, movies, psychedelic, art, photos

Issa Abdala

Reads about: music, media, movies, internet, social media

Oun Liza

Reads about: movies, humor, kids, books, parenting

Reaz Tuhen Movie Video Music Natok Software Game

Reads about: movies, books, entertainment, pop culture, tv

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