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~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 2d ago

Swagbucks... earn Amazon Gift Cards for Real!

Even though Valentine's Day is over, you can still "Share the Love," AND get an extra boos...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 1W ago

What's for Dinner Wednesday? A MacGyver Meal of course!

Had to write down what I did for this one, so I would remember... in case I want to make it somewhat on purpose next time... ;) and figured I'd share with you all as well. :) I almost always...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 2W ago

Pertinacity (Wordless?) Wednesday

~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 3W ago

Throw Back Thursday (The Martha years?)

Bear with me~ I have a little story that goes along with these pictures... ☺How many of you have read the Little House on the Prairie series of books? They are among my very favorites. My mother gave me a boxed set when I was little, and I *know* I r...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 3W ago

Patient: Blessed ~ "Wordless" (not) Wednesday

My Wordless Wednesday posts are seldom actually wordless... more wordy in an inspirational manner (I hope) This was a bit of gorgeous that I snapped a photo of today...What stage is your mould in today?Are you being prepared, fired, or broken to disp...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 1M ago

Who are you?

~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 1M ago

Earn rewards for filling out your SWAGO board on Swagbucks (Yes! Again!) :)

The holidays are here and the online rewards site Swagbucks has a smart and fun way for yo...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 1M ago

Survival Hax: (Hammock Hax?)

So... when I applied to review this sleeping bag it was an abnormally temperate fall, and I was hoping to use it to extend my outside "hammock time" relaxing with a book or kindle. However, ...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 2M ago

Green Monday is a thing... and you can save some GREEN if you're shopping anyway.

You can earn money while saving it during Green Monday! The Cashback Shopping site Swagbu...
~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~ · 2M ago

Huevos Rancheros Sweet Potato Soup (Recipe)

So... sometimes Necessity is the Mother of Invention....This week we didn't have much in the fridge or the cupboards, and ran out of time to run to the store, so it was time to come up with ...