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Admin troubles · 11M ago

A Hyper-V First Aid Kit [free eBook]

Hi there, If you want to learn more about troubleshooting Hyper-V, read a new book “A Hyper-V First Aid Kit” Here you can find your copy . Enjoy virtualization Cheers, Romeo
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

How to create Hyper-V virtual machine on Windows 10 to be compatible with WS2012 R2 [Version 5.0 – Backward Compatibility]

Hi there, In this blog post I’d like to explain how to create Hyper-V virtual machine on Windows 10 to be compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2!In the last couple of months my users are usi...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

Upcoming IT conferences 2016 where I’ll be a speaker [Spring tour]

It’s time to go around the region . Four IT conferences in one month where I’ll be a speaker . The first: Global Azure Bootcamp Zagreb 2016 is the one day IT conference organized by Microsof...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

Supercharging Hyper-V Performance–Free New eBook by Altaro Software

Hi there, Last week Altaro published a great new eBook which contains information on how administrators can improve the performance of their Hyper-V infrastructure. What you can learn in thi...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

TFS 2015 Update1 post migration [Build machines]

Hi there, Few days ago I migrated TFS2013.3. to TFS2015.1 on a new hardware. After migration I had few things to edit. Among other things I had to delete and edit cache in the TFS Build mach...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

TFS 2015.1 upgrade/migration error [End of Central Directory record could not be found]

Hi there, Few days ago I had a opportunity to upgrade/migrate production TFS 2013 Update 3 to TFS 2015 Update 1. The migration process is “straightforward” but as usual every time something ...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

WEBINAR: Troubleshooting Microsoft Hyper-V – 4 Tales from the Trenches

Join to this amazing webinar organized by Altaro Software. In this webinar you’ll learn Hyper-V troubleshooting basics and solutions to common problems represented by Andy Syrewicze (@asyrew...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

Datacenter on Laptop [Active Directory configuration, domain members etc]-Part III

Hi there, Continuing a series of blog posts with ADDS installation and configuration, how to setup OUs, Security groups and how to join all installed VMs to the AD domain. To remind you, bel...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

Datacenter on Laptop [VM with Routing and Remote Access Server]–Part II

Hi there, As promised in my previous post, here I’ll show you how to install and configure Remote Access role in one Virtual Machine on laptop. Why do we need router between Laptop and virtu...
Admin troubles · 1Y ago

Hyper-V nested virtualization made my life easier [Datacenter on my laptop]–Part I

Hi there, I’d like to show you how I have been creating the small datacenter on my laptop. Thanks to Hyper-V nested virtualization, now I can run Hyper-V Cluster inside my laptop and can try...