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Adobo Criollo · 2d ago

Nina Simone Explica Delirios al Gobernador de Puerto Rico

Nina Simone Explica Delirios al Gobernador de Puerto Rico¿Qué perspectiva única trae un estudiante minoritario a una clase de física?- Juez de Justicia John Roberts, Tribunal Supremo de los ...
Adobo Criollo · 5d ago

Comrades of the Dream Life

Comrades of the DreamI recognize you,those with the moon spread on their face,whose faces have no beginningbut have a resounding and enveloping end,the ones with smiling sores on their bodies,who sweeten thornsand pin hope to hearts,who have painful ...
Adobo Criollo · 1w ago

Pablo Alborán - Vivir (Audio Oficial)

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz[a] (born 31 May 1989 in Malaga) popularly known as Pablo Alborán,[1][2] is a Spanish musician, singer, and songwriter.[3] In 2011, he was nominated for thre...
Adobo Criollo · 1W ago

Today at 5:30pm Montreal time Post Review will publish one of my poems

Today at 5:30pm Montreal time Post Review will publish one of my poems. It's the first time I get published in Montreal, Canada.© Sergio A. Ortiz 2009
Adobo Criollo · 1W ago

Poem Up at The Linnet's Wing

Poem Up at The Linnet's WingCome read© Sergio A. Ortiz 2009
Adobo Criollo · 2W ago

Chapbook Acceptance at Finishing Line Press

Finishing Line Press just accepted my chapbook, "An Animal Resembling Desire," for publication. I will be sending out notices for pre-orders as soon as I know the details.Sergio A. Ortiz© Se...
Adobo Criollo · 2W ago

Your Moaning, my Moaning

Your Moaning, my MoaningOur salt-pepper locksgallop translucent at dawnYour lips and my lipssaltpeter at daybreakYour eyes and my eyesYour hands and my handsbodies drippingslippery algaeOh d...
Adobo Criollo · 3W ago


Visibilidadafuera llueve está oscura la tardepesadas nubesse mueven lentamentegiran alrededorde un centro de gravedadque compite con la tierraempujando hacia arribatodo lo que encuentraa su ...
Adobo Criollo · 4W ago


ConsciousnessAnd ifI were toexpandto the pointof burstinginto thousandsof pieces,if my sufferingshould reachthat leveldo not sanctionmy heartdo notlet it escapeinto the void likean insignifi...
Adobo Criollo · 4W ago

The Meaning of Nothing

The Meaning of NothingThere was a certain sadnessto it all,grey moss and violence remained--a sorrow music could not disclosewhere it came from--it just kept floating by me,aging pure and pe...