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Adoptee Restoration · 7M ago

Another year

Adoptee Restoration · 8M ago

9 Things I Learned in Search of the Perfect Life

I figure a lot of things out as I go along. I believe everyone does, and if they tell you ...
Adoptee Restoration · 9M ago

The Story of My Life: Waiting on Another DNA Test Result

Adoptee Restoration · 9M ago

When This Adoptee Faces More Than She Can Bear

I have an incredible life. I admit it.  I have a fabulous family.Loving and loyal friends.A job I love that is more than a job - a ministry, a passion that sets me on fire.A beautiful place ...
Adoptee Restoration · 10M ago

Adoption and Restraining Orders

Adoptee Restoration · 11M ago

Adoptees: It's Not Your Imagination! Loss IS Harder the Older You Get.

Loss is profoundly worse for adoptees as we age, and by stating this I am not pessimistic ...
Adoptee Restoration · 1Y ago

Looking for My Natural Father in the Mirror Can You Help Me Find Him?

Do you know a man whose face resembles the one above?If so I need your help...He might be the man I have been waiting to meet for 50 years.One day as she was shampooing me, my hairdresser Ad...
Adoptee Restoration · 1Y ago

Adoption and Purposeful Triggers (People really do this, I promise!)

I guard against being paranoid.I used to think I was the crazy one for thinking this was happening, but now I realize it’s reality. This is not my imagination. The position I serve in demand...
Adoptee Restoration · 1Y ago

Adoption: Sealed Records is Abuse

Sealed records in adoption is abuse.Keeping a person’s origin a secret when the informatio...
Adoptee Restoration · 1Y ago

Paternal Search: Maybe God Doesn't Want You To Know

It’s not a match.We tested with both Ancestry and 23 and Me.The man presumed to be my paternal father - the man listed in the adoption agency files -- is dead. So I tested with his brother w...