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Adventures with Jude · 1d ago

New books already?

For the past few years, we've homeschooled on a year-round plan.  Jude was struggling to catch up, plus had physical, occupational, and speech therapy appointments. It made sense to plan on ...
Adventures with Jude · 4d ago

March Adventures!

This post contains affiliate links.  Purchases through these help fund more field trips!  Thanks! We've been busy! So busy that I've fallen behind on blogging.  By the time we're done for th...
Adventures with Jude · 6d ago

Bessie's Pillow (A Homeschool Review Crew Review)

Bessie's Pillow is based on the true story of  Boshka "Bessie" Markman Dreizen, who flees the terrors of turn-of-the-century Lithuania for America.  While her brothers are in danger of being...
Adventures with Jude · 6d ago

Creating a Masterpiece (A Homeschool Review Crew Review)

Celia is our resident artist.  All of the kids enjoy art to some degree, but I've learned never to take her with me to the craft store...or else half the cart will be filled with paints and ...
Adventures with Jude · 1W ago

Happy Birthday, Daddy! (Wordless Wednesday)

Happy Birthday, Daddy!PS - if you'd like the cake recipe, it's here - Classic Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting.  Double the recipe for two layers.©20
Adventures with Jude · 1W ago

Circle C Stepping Stones (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Have you ever read a book series and felt you were "missing" part of the characters' lives? Up until now, the Circle C stable of books featured protagonist Andi Carter at age six in the Circ...
Adventures with Jude · 2W ago

Abandon (five minute friday)

Abandon is a word that goes to extremes.  You can either do something with abandon - gleefully, joyfully, without care - or abandon something or someone, leaving guilt and feelings of loss i...
Adventures with Jude · 3W ago

Purpose (five minute friday)

"I didn't do it on purpose." I've lost count how many times a day I hear that.  Statements include:"I hit him on purpose; I just didn't see him there."  "It was an accident. I didn't spill i...
Adventures with Jude · 3W ago

By The Way Book Series: Smoky Mountains (Homeschool Review Crew)

The By The Way Book Series is a picture-book-style children's series that looks at God's world from a Biblical view.  Author Joy Budensiek and illustrator Stephanie Robledo take readers arou...
Adventures with Jude · 4W ago

My new Reader

I never thought I'd say this, but I think Jude is officially a Reader.No, not just a kid who can read.  Sure, that was long fought and hard won.  I was so excited when he finally could put s...