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Aesthetic Blasphemy - Because Beauty lies in knowing!

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Haleemunnisa Fatima

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Atul Trivedi दोस्तों को पता चलता रहे क्या लिख रहा हूँ आजकल . और इसी बहाने दूसरों को .

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Deboshree Banerjee

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Paulami Guha Biswas just a snowflake

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Hasina Suliman

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Remi De Souza I took primary education at my native village, and secondary and college education at Mumbai. But my...

Reads about: environment, nature, poetry, photography, news

Mehak Siddiqui A dreamer by nature, a writer by fate, a blogger by accident.

Reads about: life, love, humour, books, fiction

Anshul Thakur

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Ravi Mandliya

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Neelam Motiani

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Ruhani Chopra Hello! The brain behind this blog is Ruhani Chopra [That's me, yes.] 18 years old, tiny[5'2. THAT'S ...

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Attri Priyanka

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Shakyawar Rachana

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