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Aint I? · 1W ago

The Littlest Poets

I have been working with the littlest poets, children of all ages, for more years than I care to calculate, but it is something that I truly love to do. From reading Mother Goose rhymes to b...
Aint I? · 2W ago

Erase-Transform Poem

Mine is the latest installment of this national poetry project. I found it a bit cathartic. Go ahead and give it a try!            
Aint I? · 2W ago

Festival Hopping

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, when attending festivals three weekends in a row, meant something entirely different than it does now. I haven't written a blog post in a while ...
Aint I? · 3W ago

Poem at The Fem

I have been studying and writing found poetry for a couple of years, and find it to be an interesting artistic practice that can be used very effectively as protest literature. I recently ha...
Aint I? · 2M ago


Yesterday I gave a brief talk about Ona Judge Staines, the subject of my novel, for a group of mostly young people who had never heard of her. That is why I wrote the book in the first place...
Aint I? · 3M ago

WxW short

I lost the WxW short short competition this was written for, so thought I would share it here. The rules were:      Your piece can be fiction, non fiction or memoir, but it must contain a ...
Aint I? · 3M ago

My Bruised Ego

I guess this blog post is a confessional, a lame little lament about a battering my writer's ego has recently taken, and how I have humbly recovered from it, and am ready to plod on.      Ma...
Aint I? · 4M ago

WxW short shorts

My current financial status is tight. Leaner than it has been since I was about 27 years old, a long time ago. I'm learning to live on my lean means and have found that most luxuries one can...
Aint I? · 4M ago

A Christmas Eve excerpt

From my novel seeking representation: *** With letters from Lafayette and Martha at his breast, Washington purchased gifts for his wife, and for the children Nelly and Wash. Set solely on ...
Aint I? · 5M ago

Interview with Jeannine Atkins

Some excellent holiday gift choices available from this author: