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Aint I? · 5d ago

Banned Book Week” type=”text/javascript” >
Aint I? · 2W ago

Looking forward to this!

Aint I? · 3W ago

Working with Marilyn Nelson

This week, as the grand finale of my much too brief summer vacation, I took a little road trip up to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire to attend a couple of workshops taught by Marilyn Nelson. She is...
Aint I? · 1M ago

A Snippet I Snipped

It is so hard to kill one's darlings, and the following snippet was one of mine. Instead of obliterating it into oblivion I find I can better cope with cutting it if I can paste it here. So ...
Aint I? · 2M ago

On Go Set a Watchman

I don't as a rule review books, and this post will not be a book review as much as a sharing of my thoughts about the publishing of Go Set a Watchman.      I resisted reading it for a long ...
Aint I? · 2M ago

With thanks

I really appreciate the 10 Minute Writer's Workshop at NHPR.
Aint I? · 2M ago

Going nuts about Nutshell

I need to talk about Nutshell.      I recently finished reading Ian McEwan's Nutshell, his 17th novel (I believe) and I suppose I have no business questioning the man's writing but that is ...
Aint I? · 2M ago

End-of-year Review

Enjoying three days off upon completion of a new job in the elementary school that my daughter attended a few years back, a school I have always been fond of. It was a very rewarding year in...
Aint I? · 4M ago

The Littlest Poets

I have been working with the littlest poets, children of all ages, for more years than I care to calculate, but it is something that I truly love to do. From reading Mother Goose rhymes to b...
Aint I? · 4M ago

Erase-Transform Poem

Mine is the latest installment of this national poetry project. I found it a bit cathartic. Go ahead and give it a try!