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Albert Mohler · 3W ago

A Stack of Books for the Season: Summer Reading List for 2017

With the arrival of warm weather, most of us are able to turn to a stack of books that had to wait for summer. The following is my list of ten recommended books for summer reading. This list...
Albert Mohler · 1M ago

“As It Had Been the Face of an Angel” — A Commission for God’s Messengers

The Christian ministry is not a career. It is a calling that originates in the sovereign majesty of God and is concluded only by the coming of the kingdom of the Lord, and of his Christ. The...
Albert Mohler · 1M ago

Performing Abortion is “God’s Work?” The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion

The shame is not that evangelicals hold these pro-life convictions now. The shame is that there was ever any evangelical equivocation on such a matter of life and death and human dignity. Th...
Albert Mohler · 3M ago

The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution

These are days that will require courage, conviction, and clarity of vision. We are in a fight for the most basic liberties God has given humanity, every single one of us, made in his image....
Albert Mohler · 3M ago

The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment

The theorized submission of the Trinity to a human being -- or to all human beings -- is a theological innovation of the most extreme and dangerous sort. The post The Shack — The Missing Art...
Albert Mohler · 3M ago

Expository Preaching—The Antidote to Anemic Worship

The anemia of evangelical worship—all the music and energy aside—is directly attributable to the absence of genuine expository preaching. The post Expository Preaching—The Antidote to Anemi...
Albert Mohler · 4M ago

Preaching as a Means of Survival

Preaching, doctrinally robust and exegetically rich preaching, is the only mechanism for the church’s survival in a secular age. The post Preaching as a Means of Survival appeared first on A...
Albert Mohler · 5M ago

Impossible to Believe — Preaching in a Secular Culture

The question remains, what does preaching look like in the secular city? The post Impossible to Believe — Preaching in a Secular Culture appeared first on
Albert Mohler · 5M ago

Secularism, Preaching, and the Challenges of Modernity

The only authentic Christian response to the challenge of secularization is faithful, clear, and informed expository preaching The post Secularism, Preaching, and the Challenges of Modernity...
Albert Mohler · 6M ago

“And Them that Mourn” — Celebrating Christmas in the Face of Sorrow

On the very evening of the celebration of Christ’s birth, Christians are called to remember, in Christ’s name, the poor and the helpless, the cold and the hungry, the oppressed and the sick,...