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Alchemist's Kitchen · 3W ago

7th Annual Poets on the Coast Writing Retreat for Women with Kelli Agodon and Elizabeth Austen

Poets on the Coast Celebrates 7 Septembers - Sept 8-10, La Conner WA I believe in the numb...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 3W ago

Letter to America Series - Mornings - by Moi

Before National Poetry Month closes for another year, I want to say thank you to Terrain.o...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 1M ago

Leonora Carrington Appears in My Poems Again --- Thanks to Plume

Leonora Carrington's, "The Old Maids"I am beyond thrilled that Plume has chosen two of my ...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 2M ago

Interviewed for Skagit River Poetry Festival Blog; Happy Spring

Happy First Day of Spring Happy First Day of Spring! I celebrated yesterday by planting di...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 3M ago

Poets On the Coast Winter Retreat Half Day in Seattle!

Bring your typewriter, your laptop, or your favorite journalPoetry feels more necessary th...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 3M ago

Spare Rib and Tahoma Literary Review

Has anyone counted how many literary magazine are now publishing in the United States? In the world? No one seems to know. Not even Wikipedia. The Dial (1840-1844) edited by Ralph Waldo Emerson gets credit for being the first "little magazine" in the...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 4M ago

The Missouri Review and the Kinkajou

How would you react if you found this kinkajou asleep on you?In the last year or so I have...
Yvonne Leach
Yvonne  You accomplished it!
Alchemist's Kitchen · 4M ago

Leonora Carrington - Alchemist, Artist, Writer and Subject of a One-of-a-Kind Film

Photograph from the Carrington EstateMy interest in Leonora Carrington becomes stronger the more I learn about her life and her art. I have a feeling that with two of her books being reissued this April, many other people are about to fall in love wi...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 4M ago

Or Perhaps You'd Like A One Day Class in March?

Our Fair City So perhaps three days of writing and being away from home is not possible for you right now. Or perhaps you want to checkout whether taking classes from Kelli and me works for ...
Yvonne Leach
Yvonne  I've signed up!! Can't wait!
Alchemist's Kitchen · 4M ago

Poets On the Coast Take Over La Conner -- September 8th - 10th 2017

Poets on the Coast Take Over the TownNow in our 7th year we are gearing up for the best Po...