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Alchemist's Kitchen · 2W ago

Thank You to Michigan Quarterly Review for Featuring My New Poem

by Lena GurrFor the next few days, at least, MQR is featuring my poem, "Ultima Thule," on their website. It's a great honor to have my work featured in this prestigious journal and equally t...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 2M ago

Letting It All Fan Out --- First Steps in a 5th Book

Will this grow-up to be a book?Truth is, this isn't the first time. In the last seventeen ...
Yvonne Leach
Yvonne  That was a fun read....thanks for sharing your poetry book-making experience with us!
Alchemist's Kitchen · 2M ago

A Small Rant and So Happy to Announce the Winners of the Rich-Russell Fellowship for 2017

         Do a simple Google image search for "trophy" or "winning trophy" and watch all the white hands, the white men, appear on the screen. Yikes! Once again I am out of step with the larger world.         When Kelli Russell Agodon and I began Poet...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 2M ago

Thanks to Harmony Fields and Jess Gigot

Harmony Fields with a cloud pharmacy in the backgroundI think my favorite season has recently shifted from summer to fall. Yes, it means shorter days and returning to the college but the sen...
Yvonne Leach
Yvonne  Such a wonderful setting for one of your workshops!!
Alchemist's Kitchen · 3M ago

You Know You Want To~ Treat Yourself to a Weekend Writing Retreat

Join us for our 7th year of poetry and communityI look forward to Poets on the Coast weekend every year. The energy is always positive, productive, and a little bit magical. Each September (this year 8th-10th) we bring together a group of women that ...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 3M ago

Emily Frago --- wonderful poet new to me --- The Sadness of Clothes

How to tell this suit that their owner is gone This poem appeared yesterday at the Poem-A-Day site and it captures something that I think so many of us have experienced. For decades after my...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 4M ago

7th Annual Poets on the Coast Writing Retreat for Women with Kelli Agodon and Elizabeth Austen

Poets on the Coast Celebrates 7 Septembers - Sept 8-10, La Conner WA I believe in the numb...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 4M ago

Letter to America Series - Mornings - by Moi

Before National Poetry Month closes for another year, I want to say thank you to Terrain.o...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 5M ago

Leonora Carrington Appears in My Poems Again --- Thanks to Plume

Leonora Carrington's, "The Old Maids"I am beyond thrilled that Plume has chosen two of my ...
Alchemist's Kitchen · 6M ago

Interviewed for Skagit River Poetry Festival Blog; Happy Spring

Happy First Day of Spring Happy First Day of Spring! I celebrated yesterday by planting di...