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Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

Gone, But Not Too Long

I’m traveling! I’ll let you know all about it in July. I’ll get back to things like Suzie’s House and Thursday Thirteen then.
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

Suzie’s House 500 : Rights

“When you catch yourself thinking the kind of stupid things your brother would say, tell yourself, ‘I have a right to be myself. Nothing anyone says can change that.’” He made air quotes. ...
Alice's Restaurant · 3W ago

A Car Accident. Sort Of

Jpeg I got a mild concussion from my car. It wasn’t the kind of collision you might imagine. It was the back hatch with rotten pistons crashing down on my poor unprotected head. It was stupi...
Alice's Restaurant · 3W ago

Things I Wanted to Do

Just a quick look back at a previous post. 1. I can’t say I’ve really gotten back to blogging, but I’ve gotten better. 🙂 2 I’m still sitting around in the living room, but that is partly be...
Alice's Restaurant · 3W ago

Suzie’s House 499 : Midnight with Cookies

Sonoma. What a weird name. Emma lay on the bed in Miranda’s room and stared at the ceiling. The room smelled of shoes. Emma always thought Miranda didn’t like her. But as soon as she found...
Alice's Restaurant · 1M ago

Suzie’s House 498 : Shelter from the Storm

The girl gaped adorably as she stared across the den at them. Sonoma had always found that lost waif look appealing. Knowing what little she did about Emma, Sonoma felt compelled to do ever...
Alice's Restaurant · 1M ago

A Random 13

1 I 2 can 3 at 4 least 5 come 6 up 7 with 8 this 9 many 10 words 11 if 12 I 13 try Totally Random Picture – Jakarta highway.
Alice's Restaurant · 1M ago

Suzie’s House 497 : Decayed Fears

“You’re Jim’s sister? You poor thing.” The old man shook his head. Emma stood in Mrs. H’s den like a stupid deer. She couldn’t decide if she should stare at Drew or the old man and old woma...
Alice's Restaurant · 1M ago

Weather Report

It’s spring in Montana. That means it’s sometimes winter, and sometimes summer and generally something bouncing between the two. I was at work, and saw something floating past the window. ...
Alice's Restaurant · 2M ago

Things I Want To Do

1. Get back to blogging 2. Sit around in the living room doing nothing 3. Have dealt with the computer issues. Don’t actually want to do it. Just want it done. 4. Rediscover my motivation ...