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Alice's Restaurant · 4d ago

13 more musicians or groups I want to keep track of

1. Blackfield 2. Gravity Kills 3. Riverside 4. If These Trees Could Talk 5. God is an Astronaut 6. Sneaker Pimps 7. Live 8. Anilah 9. American Authors 10. Gary Clark Jr. 11. Nothi...
Alice's Restaurant · 4d ago

Suzie’s House 496 : Shelter From the Thorn

“Why? I’m not saying let’s go back to the park. I’m saying why did we have to leave when the sun is still up.” Lisa meant for the question to go to the entire band though she looked at Bruc...
Alice's Restaurant · 5d ago

The King’s Men by Nora Sakavic p.182

“The games will still be there tomorrow. I’m here right now, I’m hungry, and I’m tired of you ignoring me in my own room.” Ambrosia of The Purple Booker hosts Teaser Tuesday. Grab your cur...
Alice's Restaurant · 1W ago

Ticking Clocks

Alice slaved over the numbers. Every time the equity balanced, the income didn’t. Without even this rudimentary level of accounting, how could she hope to complete the tax forms? Finally fi...
Alice's Restaurant · 1W ago

A Totally Random 13

1. Can I count the picture? It’s a random shot from the window of the bus while on my trip to Indonesia nearly two years ago. 2. My recovery is going great. I haven’t been able to walk thi...
Alice's Restaurant · 1W ago

Suzie’s House 495 : Scream

“Not like that Emma. More like… “ Lisa let the camera fall to her side. Her brow twisted in consternation or maybe puzzlement. Or maybe both. Emma kind of thought it was both. No matter wha...
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

Daylight Savings

Did it catch anyone else by surprise?
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago


Desmond slipped the electronic surveillance device under the dashboard while the perp run into the convenience store. As soon as the guy hopped in the driver’s seat, Desmond took up the con...
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago


I’ve gained weight. It’s not all swelling in the legs. Maybe I should go back on my diet. 13 things I’ve eaten today: 1. broccoli – fresh crowns 2. chocolate 3. pork chop 4. yam 5. cereal 6...
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

Suzie’s House 494 : Family Reunion

Emma had friends? Since when did Emma have friends? Jim sat in the van and stared. He did vaguely recall meeting some guy who had been walking her home one night, but certainly not any gir...