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Alice's Restaurant · 22h ago

Happy T-day

Alice's Restaurant · 5d ago

Hot Stuff

The music and talking and general party mayhem was so loud that Anna was pretty sure no one else heard the sirens. She wouldn’t have, except she happened to be next to the window when the f...
Alice's Restaurant · 1w ago

To Do List

1. Come up with this list. 🙂 2. Write 2,000 words tonight. These don’t count, 3. Delete my Photobucket account and every link related to it. 4. Make some gift bags. What do you mean it’s to...
Alice's Restaurant · 1W ago

Suzie’s House 515 : Cause No Harm

Much to Sonoma’s relief, Drew walked into the house under his own steam. There had been a few times back when he lived under her roof when they had brought him into the house on a dolly. His...
Alice's Restaurant · 1W ago

The Truly Special

Jane couldn’t wait to see the main attraction of the day. The tour guide said repeatedly that the angora goats they were petting now weren’t so special, and the yaks were common as dirt in ...
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

13 Sentences

The last lines I wrote in my NaNo book tonight: “The point is, I haven’t found people to be particularly trustworthy.” “Too late to keep it from me.” She grinned at him, pleased with her lo...
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

Night Film by Marisha Pessl p.583

I did the rudimentary translation in my head. The trap for the mermaids? Ambrosia of The Purple Booker hosts Teaser Tuesday. To play along, grab your current read, open to a random page, s...
Alice's Restaurant · 2W ago

13 Things I Should Know by Now

It’s November! You can guess what I’m doing now. Yep. NaNo. And of course I am completely unprepared. This stuff always goes better when I have something like an outline to work with. I hav...
Alice's Restaurant · 3W ago


The vase shattered. Ruth was so sure of her grip, and yet the evidence was irrefutable. She rubbed her arthritic old hands thoughtfully. “Oh no! How horrible!” Inga scuttled out of the kitc...
Alice's Restaurant · 3W ago

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia

For the last two months, Ama had been cooking night and day. The counter was piled high with Pyrex dishes. cheese grits, green bean casserole, fried chicken, and of course Bing cherry salad...