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Alive In Spirit · 1W ago

Health and fitness Goals: Part 1

With a new year fast approaching, I know a lot of folks are thinking of coming up with their New Year resolutions.  Many people focus on wanting to get healthier or lose weight.  But how man...
Alive In Spirit · 2W ago

World Championship: personal view

Alive In Spirit · 1d ago

After vacation

After coming back from Disney, I decided to try to make the School bread from  Epcot.  It took about 2 hours but was well worth it.
Alive In Spirit · 1M ago

Illuminating Literature: Characters in Crisis from Writing with Sharon Watson: Product Review

Although I have an English minor, I always have felt insecure in teaching writing and literature so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review Illuminating Literature: Characters in...
Alive In Spirit · 1M ago

Sound for Life LTD: Forbrain product review

Sound for Life LTD’s headset which can be used by children and adults is called Forbrain. This headset is primarily used for people who have attention difficulties, speech and language i...
Alive In Spirit · 1M ago

Thor: Ragnarok

This latest Thor movie is one of my favorites. It really surprised me from both a plot perspective as well as its general tone.  It contained far more humor than the previous two Thor mo...
Alive In Spirit · 1d ago

Disney Fun

Alive In Spirit · 1M ago

Innovators Tribe’s Thinking Like an Engineer : Product Review

  My daughter has been working on Innovators Tribe’s  Thinking Like an Engineer.  It is an online course that is broken down into 6 different sessions.The lessons are presented in power-...
Alive In Spirit · 3W ago

WKC Worlds

Leaving for Worlds!  We have been preparing for this for months now with fundraising and my daughter practicing her forms and sparring.  With her hamstring injury, we made the decision to ha...
Alive In Spirit · 1M ago

Sentence fragments: What do we know?

One writing mistake involves sentence fragments. A complete sentence will have at least one subject and one verb. Sentences are considered fragments when they are missing either the subject ...