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AlJazeera News - English · 28m ago

Mosul: Iraqi forces press ahead in Old City push

As humanitarian concerns over Mosul civilians grow, Iraqi forces close in on ISIL positions despite strong resistance.
AlJazeera News - English · 2W ago

A timeline of Palestinian mass hunger strikes in Israel

Palestinian prisoners have engaged in mass hunger strikes since 1968, after Israel occupied the Palestinian territories.
AlJazeera News - English · 3d ago

Why Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel

No country in the world recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
AlJazeera News - English · 1h ago

Portland victims of white supremacist killer identified

Tributes pour for Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, who ex-offender killed as they defended girls.
AlJazeera News - English · 1h ago

How Israel has failed Palestinian victims

Plea deal in Ben Deri case highlights a broader policy of leniency for Israeli offenders, analysts say.
AlJazeera News - English · 3h ago

Philippines: 19 dead as troops fight ISIL-linked groups

Latest group of civilians killed in Marawi City adds to deaths of scores over past week, including police and fighters.
AlJazeera News - English · 2h ago

Madrid: Thousands rally in 'March of Dignity'

Protesters from across Spain take to the streets of capital to call for an end to corruption and better job prospects.
AlJazeera News - English · 3h ago

The United States of insanity

Trump's America may seem like a cruel new psychology experiment but US society has been sick for quite some time.
AlJazeera News - English · 20h ago

Iraqi troops push for last ISIL holdouts in Mosul

Aid groups express alarm over civilians' safety as Iraqi forces seek to push last remaining ISIL fighters out of Mosul.
AlJazeera News - English · 3h ago

Libya's Ansar al-Sharia announces dissolution

Benghazi-based group says it has been weakened after suffering big losses, calls others to unite and continue fighting.