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all good girls and boys deserve artistic all good girls and boys deserve

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Francis Scudellari Poet, writer, blogger, quasi-web geek and odd thinker.

Reads about: poetry, writing, art, life, peace

Patricia Ingold

Reads about: collaborative art, life, despair, art, knowledge

Mary Disney a beekeeper's apprentice, a poet, an artist and a dilettante, a feminist, a reader and a gardener.

Reads about: art, nature, poetry, visual poetry, writing

Jesse S. Mitchell

Reads about: poetry, art, fiction, writing, literature

Volodymyr Bilyk

Reads about: visual poetry, art, poetry, avantgarde, asemics

Jason Gusmann

Reads about: poetry, fiction, books, writing, art

Aaron Held

Reads about: cut-up, glitch, visual, sound poems, experimental poetry

Bruce E. Thiel

Reads about: literature, art, work, poetry, fiction

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