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All The Madness in My Soul · 2d ago

Ep 4 of WRONG PLACE, WRITE CRIME w/ John Floyd!

My fourth episode of the podcast WRONG PLACE, WRITE CRIME features an interview with John Floyd, in which John demonstrates the rumors about him being a true gentleman are true as he talks a...
All The Madness in My Soul · 6d ago

Holding Up Since the 1980s (or Not!)

Growing up, we all have our favorite movies. If I asked you to come up with your top five from before you turned 20 years old, you could do it pretty easily. We all could. And after we get p...
All The Madness in My Soul · 1W ago

A Cool Announcment!

I'm thrilled to announce that Down and Out Books has decided to publish the 'Ania' trilogy in 2018!These are three books that I wrote with Jim Wilsky, which have been previously published, s...
All The Madness in My Soul · 2W ago

Steve Hamilton on Ep 3 of WRONG PLACE, WRITE CRIME!

The title says it was my pleasure to interview Steve Hamilton for the third episode of my crime fiction podcast, WRONG PLACE, WRITE CRIME.I've been a big fan of Steve's for well ove...
All The Madness in My Soul · 2W ago

What REALLY Happened When the Screen Went Black at the End of THE SOPRANOS?

All The Madness in My Soul · 3W ago

Best Laid Plans Go (thankfully) Awry

A couple of questions for you...How much do you plan, and how far ahead?And while we're asking questions, how fast can you write a book?When I started 2017, I had a clear plan -- write as mu...
All The Madness in My Soul · 3W ago

Top 5 Favorite Big Name Crime Writers

A question I get a lot during interviews is, "Who's your favorite writer?" or "What crime writers have influenced you?" It is a pretty standard question we writers get, and it isn't that har...
All The Madness in My Soul · 4W ago

True Detective Revisited Again

A short while back, I wrote about how well Season One of True Detective stood up on second viewing. Almost immediately after finishing Season One, I dove into Season 2, also for the second t...
All The Madness in My Soul · 1M ago

Episode 2 of WRONG PLACE, WRITE CRIME featuring Danny Gardner!

The second episode of my podcast Wrong Place, Write Crime is now available!This episode features Danny Gardner, and is the episode in which Danny talks about his new novel A NEGRO AND AN OFA...
All The Madness in My Soul · 1M ago

WIP Updates

It's time for a quick Works-in-Progress (WIP) here we go!I've completed work on The Getaway List, book #3 in the series known as A Cam & Bricks Job, co-authored with Eric Beetner...