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All Things Kevyn · 1Y ago

2016 Emmy Nominations: My Reaction (and Prediction Results)

So, the Emmy Nominations have been announced, and there are a few surprises. Sure, it was mostly who and what were expected, but there were a few surprises. As far as my predictions from yes...
All Things Kevyn · 1Y ago

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions

So, the Emmy nominations are scheduled to be announced tomorrow. Therefore, it is about damn time I hand out my predictions for tomorrow's said Emmy nominations. So, without further ado, her...
All Things Kevyn · 1Y ago

The 10 Coolest Peeps Born in 1967, Myself Humbly Excluded

So yeah, I was born in 1967. It was a great time indeed. Anyway, the reason for this post is to highlight some of my fellow 1967 birthees. And there were a bunch of 'em. From Pamela Anderson...
All Things Kevyn · 1Y ago

Nights & Days in the Burg: The Life & Times of a Harrisburger

I've been doing this blog for a little over two and a half years, and have had some sort of online presence, via past blogs and websites, for over a dozen years now. Most of the content of t...
All Things Kevyn · 2Y ago

I Ain't No Negative Nellie: A Bunch of People I Genuinely Like

So, as my faithful readers already know, I do a regular feature here at the ole blog, entitled "People Who Need to be Punched in the Face." For those not in the know, this feature is just wh...
All Things Kevyn · 2Y ago

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Who Did Negan Kill ??

As those who watched the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead last night, already know (and yes, spoilers ahead), Negan has finally made his long anticipated TV debut. And as all of us know, ...
All Things Kevyn · 2Y ago

Just Who the Hell is the Best Batman!?

Okay, so since Batman seems to be in the air lately, why not have a poll about the Caped Crusader? Yeah, sounds good to this guy. So we here at All Things Kevyn, aka Me, pose this question t...
All Things Kevyn · 2Y ago

Welcome to the All-New, All-Different (Sorta) Hello, I Must Be Going / Semi-Sabbatical Post: Summer & Early Fall Edition

It was the 1930 film, Animal Crackers, where the great Groucho Marx sang the song, "Hello, I Must Be Going." It went a little like this: "Hello, I must be going, I cannot stay, I came to say...