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All the Good Names Were Taken · 4d ago

Pet peeve of the day: conflating agencies

Does anyone outside the various agencies, both state and federal, that deal with the environment, cultural heritage, recreation, wildlife, whatever, have any clue that those agencies are not...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 5d ago

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Installment Whatever of the Travelogue: Walnut Canyon National Monument. After spending the night in Flagstaff, the trek continued. Checked out of the motel, got on to I-40, and then three ...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 1W ago

Happy birthday, Mr. Darwin

All the Good Names Were Taken · 1W ago

Buyer's remorse strikes again

In the three weeks since The Donald took the oath of office and moved into the White House, there's been a fair amount of hand-wringing and "holy crap, I didn't think he'd really do it" eman...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 1W ago

Modifying the itinerary

It's odd how quickly one can become comfortable sitting in one spot. When the S.O. and I started talking about this whole snowbird thing the word 'ambling' got tossed around. We'd go far eno...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 2W ago

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

And the road trip narrative continues. Sunset Crater National Monument is located slightly northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, and is reached by the same loop road that passes through Wupatk...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 2W ago

Shoot me. Just shoot me now.

Speaking of RV park oddities, this is one we'd noticed the first time we campground hosted. Little old ladies and their drop kick dogs. Everyone knows that little old ladies have an irration...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 2W ago

Inevitable result of living in a bubble

Every time I listen to the news, I get to hear about The Donald doing something else that's weird or illegal, like signing executive orders that clearly violate the Constitution or throwing ...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 3W ago

Arizona, land of an infinite number of ratty RV parks

Every decade or so a new easy money scheme hits the collective consciousness. Chicken farms, emu ranching, alpacas. . . I find myself wondering if at some point 30 or 40 years ago property o...
All the Good Names Were Taken · 3W ago

Did I mention we went to the zoo?

It's been a while since we were there but I might as well share a few photos. We hit the Phoenix Zoo right after coming back from Hawai'i. What do I remember most about it? It had the hig...