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Almost the Truth a little bit of everything, a little bit of nothing, just fo
Almost the Truth · 21h ago

Black Friday Blues

This may come as a shockBut back at Plymouth RockThe Pilgrims never strolled through shopping mallsInstead of a season of givingThey scratched out a meager livingAnd spent their evenings cle...
Almost the Truth · 1w ago

Name a Song That...Vol. III

Still working my way down a list of prompts and remembering my disc jockey days with fondness.A song that played at your wedding song you would sing a duet with ...
Almost the Truth · 2W ago

My Favorite Mission Trip Story

When leading a group of teenagers on a trip to a country that's well-known for its fertility gods, there are certain preparatory instructions one must relate:Talking about cross-cultural sen...
Almost the Truth · 3W ago

Name a Song That...Vol. II

Spinnin' all the platters that matter from my mighty stacks of wax. Time to get down with the big sound. These are the grooves that move, baybay!A song to drive to
Almost the Truth · 4W ago

Observed Absurdities™ 33 - Sneaky Bacon

I was sent on a grocery run by Beloved and was a bit befuddled when I tried to decide which bag of bacon bits to buy.I can understand the brand wanting to charge the same price for 0.2 fewer...
Almost the Truth · 1M ago

Name a Song That...Vol. I

Three things have led to this particular post:     1.  I ran into a list of prompts calling for songs that meet different criteria.     2.  I was a little short on ideas for what to post thi...
Almost the Truth · 1M ago


How would some of our well-known hymns be different if they were written by proponents of what is commonly referred to as the prosperity gospel? ("Name it and claim it." "Jesus wants you to ...
Almost the Truth · 1M ago


Leonard Cohen wrote it, Shrek made it popular, and everybody and their cousins' cousins have done their own versions of it.People tend to sing it like a worship song. I mean..."hallelujah" l...
Almost the Truth · 1M ago

Observed Absurdities™ 32 - Disaster Steps

I don't know who designed this carpet or who decided to use it for these stairs, but I want to apologize to anyone who is vulnerable to seizures.And I'm thinking there ought to be a big, flu...
Almost the Truth · 2M ago


Drop it, add it, or change SOMEthing with one letter to ruin a Beatles song.Across Thy UniverseWait! This doesn't ruin it; just changes it into a hymn.A Day Is The LifeThe sad tale o...