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Alsager Book Emporium · 9M ago

Books about lighthouses

‘The Lighthouse Stevensons’ by Bella Bathurst has sat on my bookshelf for a while but had to be read during my most recent trip. We were staying in the last Northern Lighthouse built by the ...
Alsager Book Emporium · 10M ago

The Borders

I first travelled through the border country between Scotland and England when I was only six weeks old with my parents on their motorbike and sidecar. Since then countless trips have been m...
Alsager Book Emporium · 11M ago

31 Vintage Posters That Demand You Pick Up a Book | Literary Hub

We can all agree that propaganda is bad. Right? But wait, let me ask you: what about literary propaganda? That is, what if you encounter a poster, and it slyly, via trickery, encourages you ...
Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago

The Edge of Extinction

Jules Pretty is Professor of Environment and Society at the University of Essex and has written several books. This, sub-titled ‘Travels with enduring people in vanishing lands’ is the first...
Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago

Temples for the Literary Pilgrim – The New York Times

Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago

Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales

With a planned visit to Iceland early in the diary for early next year, I could not resist picking up this book when I found it. The very next day, someone tweeted ‘Eight things to know abou...
Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago

Merits of Reading (e)Books – CONFESSIONS OF A READAHOLIC

Having a book to read on the fly is a wonderful advantage that an ebook reading application or an eReader provides. In this digital age, we are doing it wrong if we are mingling with thought...
Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago


Terry Tempest Williams’ book has accompanied me for part of my transcontinental journey across the USA. I found it in a bookshop in Wooster, Ohio and it has stayed with me now that we have r...
Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago

Story of the Heavens

Astronomy was on my mind last night as I attempted to photograph the full ‘strawberry’ moon which has coincided with the summer solstice for the first time in 50 years. The name was coined b...
Alsager Book Emporium · 1Y ago

The Romance of Electricity

We are so dependent upon electricity and although I am trying to reduce my use and have solar panels on the roof, it is not something I associate with the word ‘romance’. Published in 1893 b...